It is a certainty, Zinédine Zidane will not succeed Mauricio Pochettino on the bench of Paris Saint-Germain. The French technician remains focused on the objective of the French team, in the long term. But he did not close the door to Paris, as he indicated in his interview for L’Équipe.

Never say never. Especially when you are a coach today, he pointed out. But the question is moot. This is absolutely irrelevant. When I was a player, I had the choice, almost all the clubs. Coach, there aren’t fifty clubs I can go to. There are two or three possibilities. This is the current reality. Coach, we have much less choice than player. If I go back to a club, it’s to win. I say this with all modesty. That’s why I can’t go anywhere. For other reasons, too, I might not be able to go everywhere. »

Why Zidane refuses the Premier League

By affirming his desire “not to go everywhere”, Zinedine Zidane refers in particular to England. The former Real Madrid boss has explained his reluctance to take charge of a Premier League club. “Certain conditions make things more difficult. When I am told: “Do you want to go to Manchester?” I understand English but I do not master it completely. I know there are coaches who go to clubs without speaking the language. But I work differently. To win, many elements come into play. It’s a global context. Me, I know what I need to win. So, of course, you can’t win, but I know it takes at least this, this and this. And I want to put everything on my side to optimize the victory”.