Zidane at PSG, the incredible heat stroke!

Zidane at PSG, the incredible heat stroke!

The Emir of Qatar plays his last card to bring in Zinedine Zidane. A meeting in Doha between the two men explains why the signing of Christophe Galtier is not quite finalized.

The agreement is reached and announced at almost all levels but this Wednesday, June 29, the PSG still hasn’t changed coaches. Mauricio Pochettino is in office and is negotiating his departure. In the past, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has never been careful with regard to the compensation of Parisian technicians when they had to be fired. The fact that discussions are currently stuck on an amount of two million euros has raised some eyebrows in recent hours. And if the PSG, on the verge of having an agreement with Christophe Galtier to make him the future Parisian coach, drag things out in the hope that the Zinedine Zidane file returns to the top of the pile?

Galtier waiting, a hope for Zidane?

A credible theory according to Mundo Deportivo, which drops a small bomb in the middle of the week. The priority of the Qatari owners would indeed always be to bring in the former maestro of the France team. And with this in mind, a meeting is even planned between the Emir of Qatar and Zidane, this week in Doha. A trip that will be made with at least one of his collaborators, which means above all that this trip is not with the aim of spending a few days of vacation with the family. According to the Catalan newspaper, signing the French technician is a “real obsession” and this meeting could provoke an incredible offer from Al-Thani. The latter plans to go up to 33 million euros per year to convince Zizou to sit on the bench at the Parc des Princes. The previous offer was 25 million euros per season.

All this even if money is not necessarily the sinews of war for the former Real Madrid coach, who needs to have his hands free. Complicated thing with a sports adviser like Luis Campos, who likes to master recruitment. Nevertheless, PSG have been working behind the scenes in recent weeks, and in particular with the ambition to show Zidane that some of his demands can be met. This would be the case with Neymar, who Zidane doesn’t count on if he were to sign in Paris. And the fact of seeing the Parisian leaders capable of pushing the Brazilian very hard towards the exit would be seen as a positive point in the motivation of Paris SG and a real tour de force.

The desire to lead such an ambitious club, with enormous resources, and Kylian Mbappé as a leader, is very present in a Zinedine Zdaine who is very reluctant to remain available for the France team. If directing the Blues is his widely displayed dream, it is really not certain that the FFF wants to part with a solidly installed Didier Deschamps and very close to Noël Le Graët. So, if everything is in place at PSG to welcome Christopher Galtier, which is the very broad trend, the days go by and for many observers, the green light is still not given by the Emir of Qatar, convinced to still have a micro chance of being able to sign Zinedine Zidane this summer.

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