Zelda Breath of the Wild: exploring the seabed is possible!  Find out how

Zelda Breath of the Wild: exploring the seabed is possible! Find out how

news tip Zelda Breath of the Wild: exploring the seabed is possible! Find out how

In Breath of the Wild, almost the entire map is exploreable on foot. The key word being “on foot”, since Link is far from being an experienced swimmer – or diver –. As a result, many players miss out on Hyrule’s stunning underwater areas. Here’s how to find them!

An adventurer who has his flaws

While we wait (more or less) patiently for the release of the second opus, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to amaze fans, even 5 years after its launch. Even the most assiduous players have apparently not yet made the rounds of Hyrule, since many new exploits, glitches, and even of new places are discovered quite regularly. We recently spoke to you of an area beyond the boundaries of the map which, unlike the other areas on the outskirts of Hyrule, is completely explorable on foot and even on horseback, all without falling into the void. But this plateau has nothing to envy to the space travel of Link who, although he has all the qualities to become an astronaut, still today a poor swimmer.

Indeed, 36 years after his very first adventures in The Legend of Zelda and despite many trips to the heart of the Zoras domain, Link still doesn’t have the skills of an Olympic swimmer. He is certainly capable of swim in the lava with a little help, but even in such an open world as Breath of the Wild, the seabed remains a mystery to this Hylian. Fortunately, her biggest fans seem to have stepped up to offer her swimming lessons, and you will be able to benefit from it to explore the submerged areas of Hyrule:

Thanks to a few manipulations, it is now possible to explore the many bodies of water in Hyrule not only to appreciate the scenery, but above all to explore these previously unseen areas without worrying about Link’s stamina.

Link has bad memories of swimming lessons.

Zelda Breath of the Wild: exploring the seabed is possible!  Find out how

To do this, you will first have to familiarize yourself with a particular phenomenon that allows Link to jump to infinity: the Moon Jump. To activate this glitch, go to Archery Counter in the meadows of Firone. On horseback, talk to Zininn and agree to train.

When the game starts, turn around and climb the hill overlooking the wild horses. Position yourself close to the edge of the cliff, and when there is no only about ten seconds on the counterjump off your mount and glide up to the wild horses. Make sure you land on a horse just before the timer runs out, and the glitch should activate. To know if it works well, observe the horse after the end of the allotted time: if it moves backwards, the Moon Jump is active. Otherwise, you will have to start the maneuver again. Note that to disable this effect you can either ride a horse normally or close your game. You can find a visual of this glitch in the video of Aifé below :

Once Moon Jump is activated, teleport near the waterhole you want to explore. On site, empty your stamina gauge – which will not fill up as long as the Moon Jump is active – before jump high enough above the body of water. Drop down, and use the Cryonis module when you touch the surface of the water. The block of ice will push you underwater, and the camera will follow. Once done, activate the technique Revali’s Rage to descend to the depths. You just have to explore the surroundings, as you can see in the video of Gaming Reinvented :

And have you ever tried the Moon Jump? Have you ever explored the depths of the lakes of Hyrule? Tell us everything in the comments!

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