Yahia Fofana (Angers): “I come to impose myself”

Yahia Fofana (Angers): “I come to impose myself”

Arrived free from Le Havre (Ligue 2), goalkeeper Yahia Fofana (21) has signed up for four seasons at SCO. This Tuesday, July 28, he was presented to the press, after having carried out his very first training with Angers, in the company of the three other doormen of the club, Paul Bernardoni (back from loan at Saint-Étienne but who does not enter the staff plans), Théo Borne and Melvin Zinga.

“Yahia, you arrive at the SCO to be number 1. What project was sold to you?
(Laurent Boissier, the sports coordinator of the SCO anticipates the answer:
”Yahia comes to be number 1, he was taken for that. Afterwards, the field will say things, but yes, he came for that.)

If the sporting director says so, I think it’s true. I had other offers in Ligue 1 and abroad but Laurent (Boisier) was convincing from the start. He told me things clearly. This facilitated the negotiations and I went straight for it. In any case, if I come, it’s to impose myself. Afterwards, it’s only the terrain that will prove me right.

Your arrival in Angers was announced quite early (in January). Did this disrupt your second half of the season with Le Havre?
No, I don’t think it bothered me too much. I felt more observed, I put a little pressure on myself after my signing. But, as the matches went on, I resumed my course of action and I finished the season well.

“I had a good image of Angers who trained a lot of young players”

Is it another form of pressure to join a Ligue 1 club and be expected as number 1?
Yes, because it’s Ligue 1, a Championship that I’m discovering, so I think I’m going to be under pressure. In addition, the first match is a derby, against Nantes. But I like the pressure, I like to put myself in the hard, so I think it will go well for me.

Paul Bernardoni is back from loan. He may have to leave but you will have to train together for the next few days. How are you coping with this somewhat unusual situation?
I had never experienced that in Le Havre, it will be a discovery. Afterwards, from what I’ve seen of Paul and the positive feedback I’ve heard about him, I think he’s a good guy. I think we’ll get along, because I’m a cool guy, and I think he is too. Paul is a bit taller than me so I respect him, he has played quite a few matches in Ligue 1, so I think he can advise me too. We will help each other. cool (he smiles).

What image did you have of Angers?
I had a good image of this club which has trained a lot of young players. I think of Rayan Aït-Nouri (the Wolverhampton defender played at the SCO from 2018 to 2021) who I am in contact with. He spoke well of the club to me. I also exchanged a lot with Batista (Mendy) before signing. He told me : “Come, it would be good for you, you’ll improve, it’s cool.” And I was told that the city was nice, so my choice was quickly made. »


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