Xbox Series : le SSD 1 To officiel est en soldes, le louper serait idiot

Xbox Series: the official 1 TB SSD is on sale, missing it would be silly

News good plan Xbox Series: the official 1 TB SSD is on sale, missing it would be silly

Despite shortages and supply issues, you’ve finally managed to get your hands on an Xbox Series. It’s bliss, the games run perfectly, and thanks to GamePass your connection is running at full capacity to shield your machine’s memory with tons of virtually free games. Except that mess. All suddenly stop. Yes, the 512 GB of your console is already full. Luckily, thanks to the sales, the official Seagate Xbox Series Expansion SSD is finally on sale.

Games weigh more and more, and as you may have noticed. The SSDs of current consoles do not shine with their capacities. Blame it on the price of NAND chips which store information, which are very efficient, and which have a price to match their speed. However, to sell consoles by whole pallets, it is necessary to be able to offer these machines at an attractive price, which means, to cut in the expenses where it is possible. Unsurprisingly, it was the storage space that won.

Buy the Seagate 1TB memory expansion card for Xbox Series at 219€ on FNAC

Sales: the Xbox Series Seagate 1TB memory expansion card sees its price drop!

Fortunately, manufacturers have given players the possibility of increasing the memory of their machine. While Sony has made most M.2 PCIe SSDs compatible, Microsoft has opted for simplicity by marketing proprietary extensions. Easier to install, and to identify in stores, these SSDs do however have a drawback. Only Seagate can manufacture them, and as we imagine that a playful contract between the memory manufacturer and Microsoft has been signed, the prices of these memory extensions are more or less blocked. Impossible to see a competitive effect causing prices to fall. Clearly, if you want more memory, you have to pay the asking price, with no escape.

Fortunately, the sales have been there, and for once, the price of the 1TB Seagate cartridge has just dropped. Initially sold at €234, the memory expansion card is now offered at €219. Yes, it’s not the promo of the century, but for lack of anything better, we’re not going to spit on it. Compatible with Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, this expansion card is available in three versions: 512 GB, 1TB and 2 TB. to have 1500GB of storage space available on your machine once the installation is complete.

The operation is also childishly simple, since all you have to do is insert the card into the dedicated slot at the back of the machine, then turn on your console again to take advantage of expanded storage. When we see the Xbox Game Pass schedule, we say to ourselves that it would still be a shame not to take advantage of these sales to boost your machine at a lower cost.

Buy the Seagate 1TB memory expansion card for Xbox Series at 219€ on FNAC

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