World of Warcraft pokes fun at our world in a live-action trailer

World of Warcraft pokes fun at our world in a live-action trailer

Game News World of Warcraft pokes fun at our world in a live-action trailer

World of Warcraft releases a new promotional video, shot in live-action, called The Tavern. This is a humorous video featuring cosplayers known to the WoW community.

Blizzard announced yesterday the acquisition of Spellbreak studio. The same day, World of Warcraft publish this video called The Tavern, to promote the game to a new audience.

Our world as seen by the warriors of Azeroth

Shot in live-action, the video shows a tavern in Azeroth in which elves, dwarves and humans rub shoulders. Above all, two warriors, man and woman, discussing. But, contrary to what we generally see in this kind of situation, their discussion is not about their adventures. Indeed, we see the warrior recounting his visions / nightmares… He seems to be talking about us!

His visions indeed seem come directly from our world. Transcript of the discussion, translated into French, below:

– I suffer from terrible visions. A mundane world filled with humans.

– Ordinary?

– They cannot cast spells like mages, or shapeshift like druids.

– They don’t know how to use magic?

– Nope. Instead of becoming shamans or death knights, they choose to become project managers and… sales reps.

– Sales representatives?

– They are led by powerful bosses who reside atop glass towers. Where no weapons are allowed.

– So how are they supposed to kill the bosses?

– They can not ! They don’t even pass the middle managers.

– Do they fly on the backs of dragons?

– Nope.

– Travel the world in search of legendary items?

– Nope.

– Is there a single wonder in this world?

– Wonder ? The only wondrous objects in this world are the little dark portals they carry with them everywhere. They stare at them for hours, and… scroll through them.

– What a waste of time!

– I how the good remedy for your nightmares, my friend.

– For Azeroth?

– For Azeroth.

A way for WoW to glean a new audience

This trailer is reminiscent of different 2000s commercialsin which well-known actors asked you “What are you playing?”. Chuck Norris, Mister T, but especially in France Alexandre Astier and Jean-Claude Van Damme had done comedic spots for the game.

In this trailer, The Tavern showcases its communityin particular with the participation of Recognized WoW cosplayersamong which Osanguine, Cinderys and DancingFox. VaryaZzz, community-manager of the gameposted photos from the shoot and set.

The Tavern is a trailer released for the Adventure Calls initiative. An initiative ofActivision-Blizzard in order to attract the attention of a new audience to the mythical MMORPG. In particular, the publisher hopes to attract players through the free trial version of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft will surely also attract new players with its new expansion, Dragonflightscheduled for the end of the year.

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