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With Buzz Lightyear, “we don’t make fun of the spectators at all”

François Civil and Lyna Khoudri tell us about Buzz Lightyear and the characters they embody in the new Pixar.

Buzz Lightning went out thereth June 22 on our screens. Spin-off of the saga Toy Story, the film directed by Angus MacLane has the ambition to establish itself as a real monster of entertainment on the border between science fiction and comedy. To camp the main characters in French, Pixar has recruited two regulars of the genre. François Civil and Lyna Khoudri spoke with us about this highly anticipated release for Pixar.

It will not have escaped your notice, but the Buzz Lightning who we see evolve for 4 feature films, and several series, is not invited in the new film from the studios. This time, Pixar did not explore the fate of the iconic toy, but of the character that inspired it. Spectators thus discover a new facet of the hero without fear and without reproach, in the film that Andy saw before receiving the doll.

For François Civil, the performance of Richard Darbois was necessarily a source of inspiration. The actor had to compose with different tones to play his score. “There is a real legacy, I’m a fan of Richard Darbois and his work. Me, I watched Batman the cartoon in 90-92 which really impressed me, he was the one who made Batman. He was the commissioner in Funky Cops, you see this cartoon! (laughs) He rocked my childhood. I tried to take inspiration from it and pick up a few things, while at the same time making the character my own and respecting Chris Evans. There’s a kind of mess in there. But it was super interesting.”

For Lyna Khoudri, the exercise is quite different because it is a completely new protagonist. However, the actress tells us that she enjoyed the trip very much. This character, which she defines as “voluntary, dedicated and full of energy”, was a real pleasure to embody. “My favorite moments in the film are often the action scenes. At the start, I didn’t feel comfortable at all, I thought it was quite ridiculous to shout so much. We don’t always have so much freedom, because the slightest line of expression is captured by the camera, there, I had the right to go as far as I wanted. It scared me at first, but in the end it was the funniest part.”

“I do it every day!”

For the moment, Buzz Lightyear 2 has not been announced. If ever the project lands in our cinemas one day, we can expect to see these two again on the poster. To the question would you try the experience again, they are rather unanimous. François Civil is enthusiastic:

“Every day. Frankly, it’s fun. If we do this job, it’s because we like to play. On the sets, the time to install a plan and film it, we finally play very little. In dubbing, we don’t have all that, we don’t have a costume to put on, so we play all day. It’s just a question of accompanying the character and doing it for 8 hours in a row. It’s exhausting, but it’s truly exceptional.”

“You absolutely have to go see every Pixar that comes out”

We couldn’t resist the urge to ask them three good reasons to go see Buzz Lightning At the movie theater. The duo was full of praise for this film. “Really, I repeat what I said from the beginning. But you absolutely have to go see every Pixar that comes out.” according to Lyna Khoudri.

“There’s something for everyone, lovers of space films, we don’t make fun of them. Interstellar is on the same level. It’s about space-time, so it’s popularized so that it’s all public, but it’s still very addictive.

To discover Lyna Khoudri and François Civil in Buzz Lightning, go to the cinema now. And if not, you can discover the little quiz that we offered them in the video below.

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