Wimbledon - Tsitsipas: "Kyrgios must have been a bully at school"

Wimbledon – Tsitsipas: “Kyrgios must have been a bully at school”

He was frustrated, but tennis is a sport of frustrations and whatever happens on the court, I love him.“, assured Kyrgios just after exchanging a furtive handshake with his opponent beaten 6-7 (2/7), 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (9/7). For 3h17, the two men clashed with real ammunition, under the whistles, the encouragements, the cries of an audience out of its hinges. “It was a crazy match, in an extraordinary atmosphere. I’m super happy to have passed, it was a crazy match…“, commented the 27-year-old Australian. If the game was crazy, Kyrgios had a lot to do with it. He did everything to unpin his opponent, make the referee goat and hysterize the public. Until the point of general boiling where, alone, he regained his composure to lavish his brilliant blows. “We thought we were at the circuscriticized Tsitsipas at a press conference. It’s tiring these incessant discussions, these endless complaints”.

Tsitsipas sanctioned

To speak, Kyrgios spoke. “The amount of shit the tournament is going to take because of you after my press conference…“, he inveighed against referee Damien Dumousois. The Australian had several long exchanges with him, then with the supervisor, sometimes on the verge of correction. “Are you stupid or what? (…) You are a disgrace“he launched several times to Mr. Dumousois who remained stoic but gave him a warning for inappropriate remarks. And it was Tsitsipas who was sanctioned. The Greek received a first warning for having hit a ball in the public between two points. Kyrgios jumped at the chance to negotiate with the referee, to demand the arrival of the supervisor, then of “all the supervisors”, in order to obtain the disqualification of his opponent by reminding the officials that of Djokovic at the 2020 US Open when he inadvertently hit a linesman by the throat.

Then, on an underhand serve from Kyrgios, Tsitsipas cracked and kicked the ball straight towards the stands. Second warning and penalty point for the Greek. “I was aiming for my opponent’s body, but I missed…by a lot“, said Tsitsipas, whether we believe it or not as the ball actually went far from the target. It must be said that Kyrgios had already sent a service under the spoon, which is more between the legs, that Tsitsipas had sent in back in the net.

“He always gets away with it”

Exasperated by the behavior of his opponent, the world No.5 targeted the Australian several times with heavy strikes (smash, high forehand very close to the net while Kyrgios was inside the court in front of him). Without touching it. “I wanted him to stop. This must all stop“, explained Tsitsipas. “He spends his time intimidating others, that’s what he does. He bullies his opponents. He was probably a bully himself at school. I don’t like bullies“, insisted Tsitsipas in a press conference.

He was the one who threw balls at me, he was the one who threw a ball at a spectator, he was the one who threw a ball off the court. Me, I did nothing… except go from time to time to discuss with the referee“, Kyrgios defended himself like a rascal taken by the schoolmistress. “I’m good in the locker room, I have a lot of friends. I’m even one of the most popular players. He is not appreciated“, he continued. “At home, I play basketball with guys who are dogs. At Wimbledon, people are sweet. It’s nice to come and accuse me of brutality. We are not made of the same metal. Me, I’m used to measuring myself against real competitors“, added Kyrgios.

Of the Australian, Tsitsipas had also said: “It also has good sides. But IThere is also a demonic side to him, which, when expressed, can really hurt and do a lot of harm to the people around him..“He himself tried to get the referee to intervene by pointing out in a falsely diplomatic tone that Kyrgios was putting his towels all over the place:”What color is my basket (for storing towels)? The gentleman over there occupies half of it.” But, “he always gets by“, regretted Tsitsipas.

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