Wimbledon: Tsitsipas' enigmatic message on Kyrgios after their electric duel

Wimbledon: Tsitsipas’ enigmatic message on Kyrgios after their electric duel

Beaten in four sets by Nick Kyrgios in the third round of Wimbledon, Stefanos Tsitsipas posted an enigmatic message on social networks after this tense match, marked by numerous clashes.

Saturday evening was electric on court number 1 at Wimbledon. If Nick Kyrgios beat Stefanos Tsitsipas after more than three hours of play (6-7, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6), the meeting between the two men was tense from start to finish and continued well after. First in a press conference, then on social networks. On Sunday, the Greek posted an enigmatic message on his social networks, accompanied by several photos where we see him talking with the referee of the meeting, the Frenchman Damien Dumusois. “Give a man a mask and it will become his true nature,” he wrote.

A direct pike to the Australian. This message is thus the one that Kyrgios chose to tattoo on his left calf.

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Cold, flying handshake in the direction of the opponent

If the Australian regaled the public with a few shots of which he has the secret, he also asked the referee for the intervention of the supervisor for a disqualification of the Greek while the latter swung a ball into the public. For his part, Tsitsipas did not appreciate an underhand serve and swung a ball into the stands, narrowly missing a spectator.

The courtesies continued at a press conference. “It’s constant bullying. He intimidates his opponents. He was probably like that at school already. I don’t like those people. There’s a devilish side to him,” Stefanos Tsitsipas said. press conference. “He martyrs his opponents. He was probably a bully himself at school. I don’t like bullies,” added the No. 4 seed, believing that his evening opponent does “a lot of harm to people that surround it”. The two players had also exchanged a short and furtive handshake at the net to seal the scorewhich had initially escaped the cameras.

“I feel very good. The circus came from him today, reacted Nick Kyrgios to the media right after. I feel good physically, I feel ready to play again tomorrow. He has a serious problem. I am not not sure I can bully someone in the third round of Wimbledon. I was just playing tennis. Maybe he should figure out how to beat me once or twice first before moving on to anything else.”

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