Widows (France 2): why Steve McQueen had to beg Michelle Rodriguez to play in his film

Widows (France 2): why Steve McQueen had to beg Michelle Rodriguez to play in his film

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays one of the main characters in Widows, Steve McQueen’s crime thriller, hesitated for a long time before accepting this role. For reasons specific to its history.

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widowscrime thriller from British director Steve McQueen (who won the 2014 Oscars with Twelve Years a Slave), is broadcast tonight for the first time on France 2. The story begins with a nocturnal robbery in Chicago, which ends in the death of the four thieves, chased and shot dead by the police. The gang’s mastermind widow, Veronica portrayed by Viola Davisthen suffered the threats of the criminal Jamal Mannings (Brian Tyree Henry), who claims the two million dollars that her husband and his gang had just stolen from her. Veronica decides to turn to the other widows of her husband’s accomplices, Linda, Alice and Belle, respectively played by Michelle Rodriguez, the revelation Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo, to convince them to carry out another robbery to find this money. Only Linda and Alice agree to follow her in this crazy enterprise.

“My mother was that woman”

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Linda, a mother of two struggling to keep her family and her clothing store afloat, initially turned down Steve McQueen when he offered her the role. The British director to British magazine vogue that he had “literally had to beg” franchise actress Fast and Furious so that she agrees to play this character which made her feel uncomfortable. Always at vogueMichelle Rodriguez explained that she initially said “no” because she did not want to play such a weak woman. “It’s the epitome of everything I despise. The horror of having your security and your life ripped from under your feet, I hate that. That’s the thing about poverty: you come from nothing, like I I did. I’ve always found poverty repulsive.” And the actress confided that she felt a special connection with this character, adding: “My mother was that woman.”

The image of the Latin woman

According to Steve McQueen, the actress, cknown for playing badass characters, did not want to play a role “submissive to men” nor lend her features to a woman “beholden to a man”. In the film’s press kit, the actress further explained her feelings about the role: “Projecting such an image of my character was my main fear, I who have always attached myself to embodying women who are as independent as possible. I am particularly sensitive to the image of the Latino woman having to face the machismo of our culture. C is my workhorse”.

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