En attendant Fallout 5, où en est le très ambitieux projet Fallout London ?

While waiting for Fallout 5, where is the very ambitious Fallout London project?

Game News While waiting for Fallout 5, where is the very ambitious Fallout London project?

Showing very solid ambitions despite being entirely made by fans, the Fallout: London mod for the post-apocalyptic role-playing game Fallout 4 recently unveiled a big chunk of gameplay. The opportunity to review the progress of this project which seems definitely on the right track.

As stated by Todd Howard (producer at Bethesda) during Summer Game Fest 2022, Fallout 5 will only see the light of day after the release of The Elder Scrolls VI. We will therefore have to take our troubles patiently while waiting to see this title materialize. But the project Fallout: London is here to give us the opportunity to tell you about the series.

A major mod for Fallout 4

With its latest gameplay video in support, Fallout: London presents itself as a major mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game. In order to download this completely free mod, you will need the base game but also all of its DLCs. Fallout: London will only be available on PC.

As a continuation of the original game, it will allow players to explore the post-apocalyptic environment of London for the first time. The franchise finally ventures outside America to introduce us to the history of pre-war Europe and in particular the class-structured society unique to Great Britain.

From staid parliamentary aristocrats, to the resurrected Knights of the Round Table, to a sect of hardline revolutionaries (and more!), Fallout: London embodies the history and aesthetics of London and gives this beloved city a decidedly nuclear aspect.

A condensed version of London boroughs

The scenario of Fallout: London takes place in 2237, somewhere between the first and second installments, and 50 years before the events of Fallout 4. Entirely based in the English capital and its surroundings, this mod makes us embody a character escaped from an underground research center where he was the subject of experiments.

Generously provided with quests and NPCs (non-player characters), the game will offer the possibility to freely roam an open world presenting a condensed version of London. This will focus on the main areas of the city with a few areas outside of the city limits and the size of the world will roughly match that of the Commonwealth of Fallout 4.

The gameplay of Fallout: London will therefore be modeled on that of the base game to be part of its continuity by offering a mixture of action, infiltration and dialogue provided with NPCs. The main difference should be that Fallout: London will feature far fewer guns than Fallout 4, emphasizing close combat. The game will house no less than seven different factions, 5 of which it will be possible to join.

A possible release in 2023

Although still without a precise launch date, Fallout: London sees its development progressing rapidly. The head of development, Dean Carter, indeed spoke about this date to the journalists of Gamestar.de in an interview.

We have a release date in mind and we are working very hard to achieve it. So we’re planning for a 2023 release at the earliest. – Dean Carter (Fallout: London Development Lead)

The future of Fallout: London may not be so far away!

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