What we learn about Diam's in the documentary "Salam"

What we learn about Diam’s in the documentary “Salam”

Diam’s – or Mélanie Georgiades for civil status – engages in Hello which will be released in theaters on July 1 and 2, but also on the BrutX streaming platform. This documentary, presented out of competition at Cannes, she co-directed with Houda Benyamina (divine) and Anne Cissé. We learn why she converted to Islam while renouncing show business at the height of her career.

“By dint of running in all directions, my life had none left”, she says from the start of a film which offers testimonies from those close to her like her mother, the singer Vitaathe novelist Faiza Guene or the footballer Nicolas Anelkawhose faces are framed as if wearing a hijab.

This is what this film reveals in particular, where Diam’s speaks for the first time in ten years, to explain his conversion.

We learn the origin of his revelation

It was on a beach, while she was traveling with Vitaa, that Diam’s found answers to the existential questions that haunted her. Shortly afterParis Match had published a stolen photo of her, veiled, which made her conversion known to the general public. What his fans had always taken very well.

She decided to devote herself to the weakest

If the ex-rap star gave up her career, she did not remain inactive. She devotes herself to the orphanages which she subsidizes and does not hesitate to pay personally to help carers and children. She tells in the documentary how much this work, her family life and prayer fully satisfy her today.

She says she’s softened

A long sequence where she speaks with her father by telephone shows that her relationship with him (very conflicted when she was a star) has softened. Mélanie Diam’s says she feels better about herself and that it is also felt in her relationships with others. Religion would have brought him what was missing in his life before.

Now she travels a lot

The film with very polished images takes Mélanie Diam’s (and the viewer) to Mali, Tanzania and Mauritius for long shots where the forties commune with nature. She says she has drawn a line under her depressive past and her suicide attempts thanks to her conversion.

She thinks she has no regrets

Even if the film is an autobiography and she can say whatever she wants, we feel in Hello a more fulfilled woman than at the time of her glory. His relatives also testify to the good that this change has brought him. This is the meaning of the title Hello (“Peace” in Arabic): Diam’s has, it seems, found its way. And in Cannes, she wished us in a video to find ours.

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