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What Ligue 1 clubs gain from their sponsors

June 26, 2022 at 8:10 PM by Thomas

In Ligue 1, sponsorship income is unequal from one club to another. Above all, from PSG to the rest.

How much our football clubs, of Ligue 1, depend on the income they generate from their sponsors. For the majority, it is little. And even when this increases, the ratio does not exceed one third. Not even the 30%. Except… at Paris Saint-Germain. Where, as we observed at Sportune, the weight of business partners weighs about half of all the turnover generated, over the 2020-2021 season; the one used here as a reference.

At PSG, sponsorship weighs almost half of the turnover. Against less than a third in Ligue 1

Because it is truly the only mechanism on which the champion club of France can act – differently from TV rights, or ticketing, in an always full Parc des Princes -, the Parisian board is making great efforts to garner sponsors, with the double advantage, on the one hand, of being able to internationalize more easily than the rest of the field of French teams. And on the other, a state shareholder, Qatar, which facilitates relations with local brands (the tourist office, Qatar national bank, Ooredoo, Qatar Airways, Aspire, are all associated with PSG).

PSG’s income is ten times higher than OM, a hundred times higher than FC Lorient

Realize that the income that Paris draws from its sponsors is ten times higher than at Olympique de Marseille, which does not have to be ashamed of its popularity, on its territory. Even if it is possible that since then, the ratio has decreased under the double effect of the extension of the contract of the Marseille club, with its equipment supplier Puma and the change to come, of marker on the shirt, with Cazoo, instead of Uber Eats. Between PSG and OM, slips OL on the middle axis, the ranking of sponsorship revenue; the Gones have adidas to dress them and the former support of PSG, the company Emirates, as a major partner.

A last 2020-2021 season strongly marked by the Covid context

If, with PSG, the sponsorship of French football is something very unequal, it is also true from one division to another. In this 2020-2021 season for example, Toulouse Soccer in Ligue 2, generated almost as much revenue (€2.3m) as Angers clubs (€2.7m) or from Reims (€2.6 million), and more than Nimes Olympic (€1.3m) who all played in the top flight. Remember, however, that this 2020-2021 financial year was particularly unique, in a “covid” world, which had consequences on the club economy and in particular commercial contracts. It should also be noted that teams do not always declare the same thing, in the line of sponsorship, some include for example merchandising, and others do not.

What Ligue 1 clubs earn from their sponsors (2020-2021 season)

Club Sponsorship/commercial revenue Ratio of sponsorship to turnover*
Angers €2.7m 9.6%
Bordeaux €2.9 million 7.1%
Brest €4.4 million 16.1%

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