What is andropause, this form of menopause that affects men?

What is andropause, this form of menopause that affects men?

With age, the production of hormones drops considerably, or even stops completely in women, which is called menopause. But men are not spared: their drop in hormones can cause andropause, when testosterone levels reach a critical threshold.

Si women suffer most of their lives because of their periods,endometriosis et al before moving on to the perimenopause then at menopause, men are not exempt from hormonal changes. The latter are simply less known and less documented. Except that fluctuations in male hormones could cause a phenomenon somewhat similar to menopause. This is called andropause. NEON reveals all its secrets to you.

Andropause, what is it?

First of all, let us point out that, contrary to the menopause which concerns all women, andropause does not affect all men. And it is even rather rare. According Health Magazine, about 2.1 % of men would suffer from it : they would be 0.1% to be affected by andropause between 40 and 49 years old and 5.1% between 70 and 79 years old. In the show Well done for you on Europe 1, doctor Marc Bohbot, andrologist, specifies thatfrom 40-45 years old, men all face a drop in testosterone secretion.

Unlike menopause, hormone only decrease and do not completely stop. If this reduction varies according to the genetic or the pathologies of each individual, however, it announces the start of the andropause phase when it reaches a critical threshold and the first symptoms begin to appear.

What are the symptoms of andropause?

The first observable symptoms are of a sexual nature: men affected by andropause notice indeed disorders of the libido, which are manifested by lack of sexual desire, erections less rigid and less numerouseven a disappearance of the morning erection.

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On the other hand, andropause can also be manifested by symptoms similar to those of menopause: hot flashes, memory lossunusual tiredness, lack of energy or sleep disturbances. The drop in testosterone can also be accompanied by a depressive state.a change in behavior or even a irritability much more important.

What are the physical manifestations of andropause?

Very often, the physical effects linked to andropause are not very engaging: increased fat storage at the waist, loss of muscle, less body hair in the arms, legs, thighs, thorax or even the beard. Men may also notice changes in the skin, which becomes thinner and tends to lighten.

In the case of andropause, it also happens that the male hormones are transformed into estrogen, secreted by fat. Some men can therefore produce a gynecomastia, that is to say, to have growing breasts. To differentiate simple weight gain from gynecomastia, it is possible to pass an ultrasound or a mammogram to check the increase in the mammary gland. If necessary, it is then possible to perform liposuction on the breasts in order to suck the fat.

How to treat andropause?

As with menopause, treatments exist to fight against this biological phenomenon. Dr. Bohbot explains thatlow testosterone can be supplemented with intramuscular injections, patches or gel when it is too low, in order to “reboost” its production. A regular physical activity also allows you to regain muscle, and therefore to secrete testosterone.

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