What are the USB ports behind the TV for?  An unknown but very useful function

What are the USB ports behind the TV for? An unknown but very useful function

Televisions have greatly evolved over time. The era is modern with the advent of Smart TVs, a new wave of technology that makes life easier for users. Ultra-entertaining and above all very intelligent, these new televisions are equipped with different types of ports to connect various devices, game consoles and other external storage devices. Of course, these ports mainly work for signal reception. If you have a smart TV, you must have noticed a few USB ports on the back or on the side. What exactly are they for? We’ll shed some more light on the subject.

Almost all of you have an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. But do you really know its functionality? In fact, this is the standard connection for video and audio on televisions, media players and audio players. Today, almost all the devices you want to connect to your television are equipped with the HDMI system. However, this does not mean that this standard interface will always offer the same connection and the same functionalities. Certainly, with its standardized form and its digital signal capable of carrying everything, HDMI is a versatile connection. But there are various versions and newer standards have added new features to HDMI ports.

Smart TVs have revolutionized our daily lives!

watch television program

Watch the TV program – Source: spm

Nowadays, thanks to smart TVs, users can watch content from various popular streaming platforms such as netflix or Disney Plus, among others. In addition to being able to connect to the Internet, they allow you to use a USB port usually found on the back or side of the equipment.

The rise of Smart TVs has added many new paradigms in television consumption, even beyond what a simple open or closed signal can offer us. Although we can connect all kinds of equipment through the HDMI inputs, many people are unaware that there are still endless possibilities if they exploit the USB ports correctly.

Discover all the advantages they offer:

  • First of all, screens with USB ports are smart, so they have an operating system with specialized applications for playing multimedia content or browsing the Internet.
  • Now, smart TVs can have different USB inputs. In case yours doesn’t have any specs in the port, it’s a 5V and 500mAh. So you can place memories there to display content, slowly charge a device or light accessories such as LED strips.
  • If it is an input indicating 5V 2A or 2.1, the port is dedicated to supply more amperage. You can therefore connect external hard drives or charge mobile phones with fast charging.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the equipment may come with various accessories. You can, for example, add a mouse or a keyboard to better navigate between the available menus. There are also TVs that support a webcam for taking photos, videos, or video calls.
  • The USB inputs on the televisions Smart are distinguished by the ability to place a media player.
use smart tv

Using a Smart TV – Source: spm

To start, you must:

  • Go to the home screen of your Smart TV.
  • Scroll down and select Settings.
  • Choose Storage and reset options.
  • Select key USB.
  • Press “move data”.

Good to know : You can browse the USB drive as you would on a laptop. If the player does not open or display, it may indicate an unsupported format or encoding. You can then get a similar file in a different format or get a conversion tool.

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