Westworld on OCS: how did season 3 end?

Westworld on OCS: how did season 3 end?

As Westworld season 4 finally lands on OCS, a look back at the events of season 3 and its epic ending to get back in the swing of things before discovering the new episodes.

It took two years to see Westworld return for a fourth season, to discover in US + 24 on OCS from June 27. With an epic trailer, which teases unexpected returns and tantalizing arrivals – like that of Ariana DeBose, recent Oscar winner for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, the fourth round of episodes in the series from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy s amazing announcement.

To get back in the bath, here is a small summary of the last events of season 3 of the HBO series before being able to discover the fourth season of Westworld.

Previously on Westworld

Set three months after the events of Season 2, Westworld Season 3 features the revolution of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who has escaped the park and created copies of herself to lead his plan: to save the world. Although she uses extreme methods, Dolores only sought to save the beauty from the futuristic real world – here the season takes place in a neo-Los Angeles of 2058 – and to defeat Enguerrand Serac (Vincent Cassel), creator of the Rehoboam machine, which governs human lives.

To carry out her mission to give humans back their free will and the possibility of choosing their future, Dolores can count on the help of Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), who rallied to her cause, and Caleb (Aaron Paul) , a former soldier whose memories have been reconditioned whom she will erect as the leader of her revolution.


But in the final moments, Dolores sacrifices herself to foil Serac’s plans. If we thought it was the end of Dolores, the trailer for season 4 confirms that she got away with it in the skin of an enigmatic Christina…

Her plan would have been carried out in any case since she had entrusted the key to the future to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in order to make peace with her past and find the Sublime through the data of Delos. Season 4 should give us the answers about Bernard’s future and what he may have seen in this key after the post-credits scene in the finale in which he wakes up covered in dust.

For his part, William (Ed Harris), who has also left the park, is haunted by visions of his daughter, Emily, and Dolores and wants to kill all the hosts. Little present in season 3 – in addition to an episode dedicated to him – we find him in another post-credits scene in one of the seats of Delos convinced that he will be able to take advantage of his newfound fortune.

But he comes across Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) recreating an army of hosts, which is also led by an android in her image. And William quickly gets his throat slit by the host version of the Man in Black. With all these twists and turns, season 4 of Westworld will have to answer a good number of questions left unanswered. Answers from June 27 on OCS.

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