West Indian athlete Cynthia Anaïs has three passions: sport, art and love - Outre-mer la 1ère

West Indian athlete Cynthia Anaïs has three passions: sport, art and love – Outre-mer la 1ère

A discreet athlete, Cynthia Anaïs is nevertheless one of the best tricolors in the 800 meters. The West Indian has been training in Martinique since 2015. A busy schedule because Cynthia also needs to devote time to her painting. All this under the protective gaze of André, her trainer and husband.

Cynthia Anaïs has moved a lot. Childhood in Paris. Adolescence in Martinique. Graduate studies in the United States, then in Canada. A life in motion. Embellished with beautiful encounters. Like in 2011 when she crossed paths with Jamaican athlete André Thomas. Five years later, he became his coach. Mini-revolution for the West Indian. “In France, sport is seen as a simple activity. Whereas in Jamaica, it can change lives. André’s approach allows me to be more humble.”

Andrew Thomas very quickly exceeds the role of trainer of Cynthia. He is now her husband. A double hat. Even much more than that. “I often say that my husband is my all-in-one. A great manager who oversees my training, mental preparation and nutrition. He also knows how to be very cash. In everything he tells me. It goes so more quickly. André teaches me to always give the maximum.”

West Indian athlete Cynthia Anaïs poses in front of one of her works.

©Facebook Cynthia Anais.

Cynthia Anais has three loves: her husband, athletics and art. For this last passion, his mother has a certain responsibility. “Already very small, she took us to Parisian museums. It must have worked. I have the impression that I have always been drawing.” Anaïs, the artist now paints large canvases. Colorful. Stylized. Without ever interfering with the activities of Cynthia, the athlete. “Sometimes there is like an inner fight between my sport and my art. Athletics requires great discipline. And art can wake me up at two in the morning with the sudden urge to paint. Except that I need of both. So I organize myself so as not to harm anyone…”

Cynthia is discreet. But not insensitive. Especially environmental issues. “It was all starting to bubble up inside me. I had to react.” On social networks, the West Indian challenges the Internet user. An artistically retouched photo. And a slogan. In English. Be the change. Be the change. Before a long warning message, three days later. “The climate situation on the planet has become alarming. I want to use my results and my career to bring about a change in behavior. If the message is received by one or two people, it will already be a first victory.”

Promotional campaign of the Martinique Gendarmerie carried out by the reservist Cynthia Anaïs.

©Facebook Cynthia Anais.

Cynthia Anais is not one to grumble. She could complain about the fate often reserved for athletes a little too far from federal radars. None of that with the West Indian. At 34, she prefers to move forward. Conquering smile. Convincing. At the end of summer 2021, the Fort de France Gendarmerie recruits her. A part-time reservist contract. “I have to start thinking about my post-career. General Vaquette’s proposal came at the right time. Here is a man who is very attached to the youth of his department. His support has proven to be invaluable.”

For two months, the West Indian, now dressed in military fatigues, follows the training of GAV, Voluntary Deputy Gendarme. “Classes were from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. I had to get up at 4 a.m. if I wanted to continue training. But what a fantastic experience!” From win-win since in return, her employer benefits from Cynthia’s knowledge. “As I am a graphic designer, I joined the communication department of the Martinique gendarmerie. They can use my image to inspire young people, who knows.” And it is now rumored that the famous reservist could appear for the non-commissioned officer competition at the start of the next school year.

West Indian athlete Cynthia Anais.

The West Indian Cynthia Anaïs in the jersey of the France team in 2018 at the European Championships in Berlin.


And athletics in all this? The summer season has just started. Next weekend (June 25 and 26, 2022), Cynthia Anaïs will be in Caen to compete in the French championships. “This year on the 800 meters, there are many girls in less than 2 minutes 02. I am part of the French Top 4. It’s up to me to get a place and a time.” A time which would allow him in particular to achieve the qualifying minimums for the next Worlds. For this, Cynthia has a secret weapon…

Optimal preparation. An unwavering mind. And to get into her “zone”, this bubble state that isolates the athlete from the rest of the world, Cynthia can count on her… playlist. “Sport is music. A rhythm. Before each race, I have my “special” Track and Field. Afro, Caribbean music, dancehall, American rap… Music that moves, motivates me !” The race finished, the music does not leave Cynthia. On the contrary. “Music is my life.” She just changes playlists, tempos and returns to artists who seem to have always accompanied her: Lauryn Hill, E.sy Kennenga, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Bob Marley…

Cynthia Anais.

The West Indian athlete takes a break in front of a fresco by Bob Marley. Music and Cynthia Anaïs is a long-lasting love story…

©Facebook Cynthia Anais.

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