We found the 7th company on TF1, but where is Aldo Maccione?

We found the 7th company on TF1, but where is Aldo Maccione?

Second part of a trilogy which met with great success in theaters in 1975, “We found the 7th company” however sees the notable absence of Aldo Maccione, yet present in the first film. Why ?

But where did the seventh company go, released in 1973, was a big success in theaters, with more than 3.94 million admissions. Still signed by Robert Lamoureux, its sequel released in 1975, We found the seventh company, was just as much a success, only slightly less: 3.74 million admissions. The 3rd part, The Seventh Company in the Moonlight (1977), although a success in theaters with 1.79 million entries, will nevertheless take a big drop in speed.

A summery and unstoppable horse chestnut of the TV channels, the tribulations of the 7th company come this year to fill the programming schedule of TF1. This time, the survivors of the 7th company are again caught trying to reach the south of France. And escape a second time, disguised as officers…

Private Maccione, missing

Pierre Mondy, Aldo Maccione and Jean Lefebvre: from the initial trio, the Italian actor Aldo Maccione is however missing in this sequel. The first film may have been a pochade led by troublemakers, Robert Lamoureux was extremely rigorous on the set, demanding. Maccione liked to clown between takes, sometimes distracting the rest of the team. What the director did not like very much: “Hey watch out! It’s serious here!” let go of the filmmaker.

A seriousness, an authority and calls to order that ended up annoying and tensing up the actor. So much so that he ended up one fine day by running away from filming, uniform on his back, to walk several kilometers to the bar in a small village, from where he called the producer of the film, Alain Poiré.

In addition to being offended by the remonstrances of Robert Lamoureux, the actor could not stand the casual attitude of his friend Jean Lefebvre, a fan of gambling and the bottle, often arriving late on the set.

However, the latter was the filmmaker’s protege, who did not really blame him for his escapades, contrary to the jokes of Aldo Maccione. This double standard was not at all to the taste of the actor, who preferred to refuse to return to We found the 7th company.

His replacement, Henri Guybet, spoke of a disagreement over salary. “Aldo Maccione didn’t want to do the second film because he didn’t think the pay was high enough to rejoin the army if you know what I mean…” told us Guybert, when we met him at the 1st CineComedie Festival in Lille, in 2018.

Adding: “And since I was filming a lot at Gaumont at the time, they told me that I was going to replace Aldo Maccione. I replied that I had neither the stature nor the Italian accent of Aldo, but they m said “it doesn’t matter, you do it as you would”. And it’s true that I realized that no one was irreplaceable…”

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