Wame Naituvi (Mont-de-Marsan) seizes the industrial tribunal

Wame Naituvi (Mont-de-Marsan) seizes the industrial tribunal

Wame Naituvi has been playing at Stade Montois (Pro D2) since 2017. After two rather shy first seasons, the Fijian winger (26) distinguished himself during the 2019-2020 season, which was stopped due to the Covid. After 18 matches, he had scored 9 tries. In the summer of 2020, Naituvi negotiates a contract extension.

“The two parties agree on the duration (until 2023), salary and a release clause. It is on the latter that there is a contractual problemexplains the advice of the player, Maître Jean-Baptiste Ginies, who seized the industrial tribunal of Mont-de-Marsan. The release clause could be activated in the 2022 off-season against the payment of a certain sum. Except that the day of the signing of the new contract, the terms of the clause in question would have been modified by the club. She was finally active in the 2021 offseason. But the player was not warned. When he wanted to activate his clause during the current season, Mont-de-Marsan said that was no longer possible. We tried to find an agreement. In vain. »

Stade Montois considers that its player has increased in value after two new successful seasons (8 tries in 2020-2021 and 9 during the current season) and therefore asks for more than the 50,000 euros initially planned.

“Wame Naituvi is in contract with the club for the 2022-2023 season, period”

Jean-Robert Cazeaux, President of Stade Montois

The conciliation hearing before the industrial tribunal yielded nothing. The National League’s legal committee has declared itself incompetent. The Naituvi case is now in the hands of justice. The Fijian player’s lawyer hopes for a decision at the end of the year or at the start of 2023. Wame Naituivi, currently injured and therefore forfeited for the “access match” against Perpignan on Sunday (5:45 p.m.), wants to leave and hopes that a amicable agreement will be reached by then. Otherwise, he will wait for the court decision and hopes to obtain the nullity of the contract and therefore be free to engage with the club of his choice.

Asked about the case, Jean-Robert Cazeaux, president of Stade Montois, was firm: “It is an ongoing file that I am dealing with. Wame Naituvi is in contract with the club for the 2022-2023 season, period. The rest is up to the file, we will not deal with it in due time. I will settle my affairs and my accounts when necessary. I have no other specific comments to make on that. »


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