VIDEO.  Wimbledon: when Rafael Nadal interrupts the meeting to "reframe" his opponent

VIDEO. Wimbledon: when Rafael Nadal interrupts the meeting to “reframe” his opponent

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The scene was surprising. Halfway through the third set, Rafael Nadal came to the net to talk to his opponent to clear up some things. We explain to you what happened.

It was an electric Saturday on the London lawn. While Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas were driving the French referee crazy, Rafael Nadal decided to take two minutes to talk to his opponent Lorenzo Sonego. The reason ? The young Italian would have expressed too much his joy during the points won and cried long after having hit his shot.

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? When Rafael Nadal interrupts the match to “reframe” Lorenzo Sonego!

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While the Spaniard was leading quietly (2 sets to 0), he decided to stop the match to come to the net and chat with Lorenzo Sonego. There followed a long discussion between the two men and a certain incomprehension of the Italian tennis player who faced Nadal for the first time in his career.

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“I was wrong, I made a mistake…”

At the time of the handshake, the two players continued their discussion, without animosity. After the match, the winner of the first two Grand Slams of the year apologized. “I have to say I was wrong. I shouldn’t have called him to the net. So apologies for that. My fault. No problem, I admit it,” Nadal said.

Before bidding. “I made a mistake talking to him at the net at that time and I apologized for that. I didn’t want to bother him at all, it was not my intention. When we spoke he there was no tension,” the Spaniard insisted.

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? Rafael Nadal: “Sonego will be a great player, he has a bright future!”#Wimbledon

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For his part, the young Italian had very little taste for this intervention from his opponent “A player must not call his opponent on the net. You cannot do that at Wimbledon. Nadal should have had a word with the Referee. So that distracted me,” explained the Italian. A decidedly eventful Saturday at Wimbledon.

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