[VIDEO] VIDEO.  Castres: more than 5,000 supporters welcomed CO players back from the Top 14 final

[VIDEO] VIDEO. Castres: more than 5,000 supporters welcomed CO players back from the Top 14 final

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After the defeat, the party! This Saturday, June 25, Castres supporters welcomed the players of Castres Olympique, back from Paris for the Top 14 final. From Castres-Mazamet airport to the city center, Place Soult, the Olympians were able to appreciate the still strong support of their thousands of supporters.

This Saturday, June 25, the players of Castres Olympique were expected as the Messiah. Already at the airport, where the players landed around 3:30 p.m., around 100 people were present to welcome their team.

Barely got off the bus that brought them back from Paris, Sandrine and Mireille continued the “adventure” by going immediately to the airport. Flags in hand, “Allez Castres” t-shirt and jersey a little crumpled, despite the dark circles and fatigue that could easily be read on their faces, the two women did not hesitate to come and encourage “their darlings” one last time.

“Disappointment of course, but Montpellier deserved their victory. There is nothing to say. And somewhere, it’s better that. We would have been even more disappointed to lose only by one point. There at least, it is clear. Montpellier was better, it must be recognized”, confided Sandrine, who still wanted to be there to thank the players “for their magnificent season. This defeat does not change anything. When you are a real supporter, you must be there from start to finish whether we win or lose. Even in Paris, just after the match, we continued to set fire! We owed them a lot,” added Mireille.

After setting “fire” in Paris, supporters again made the trip to the airport.

A support greatly appreciated by the players when they set foot on the tarmac, their hearts still a little heavy. There too, fatigue was read on their closed faces. But thanks to the songs of the supporters present and their cheers throughout the journey on their imperial bus taking them to downtown Castres, the Olympians gradually regained their smiles and the desire to celebrate their return.

This supporter wanted to particularly thank her

This supporter wanted to particularly thank her “favorite player”, Rory Kockott.

“Yesterday’s defeat? It’s already forgotten”

On the Place Soult side, to wait while waiting for the arrival of the team bus, the first deputy Hervé Pardo once again animated the stage of the giant screen installed on the square: choreographies to the sound of popular songs, clapping and film of the Friday evening evening on the other place Pierre-Fabre where nearly 12,000 Castrese were amassed to follow the final live. Barely arrived in Castres from Paris, the Friends of Rugby, led by their leader Carlos Ferreira, heated up a delirious crowd a little more.

And then when the players finally arrived, in a blue and white tide, the anthem of “La goffa Lolita” sounded on Place Soult. An unforgettable moment when thousands of supporters surrounded the players’ bus to thank them. Huge popular fervor. “That’s why we’re here, quite simply. To say a big thank you to them, to assure them that we are still there and to congratulate them. Yesterday’s loss? It’s already forgotten”, confided Gérard, who followed the bus, from Lagarrigue to the city center of Castres by bike. Haranguing the crowd, under the songs of the supporters, the players paraded before going on stage to thank their audience.

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