Vesper Chronicles: an intriguing trailer for the post-apocalyptic SF film

Vesper Chronicles: an intriguing trailer for the post-apocalyptic SF film

The first film for ten years by the Franco-Lithuanian duo Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte, Vesper Chroniclesrevealed itself in a first trailer.

Who does not want, at the end of this long pandemic whose stigmata still persist today, to focus their attention on the many other possible cataclysms that could put an end to the world order once and for all? Some ten years after their split Vanishing Wavesfilmmakers Bruno Semper and Kristina Buozte respond to this cathartic desire and return to invest in dark rooms with Vesper Chroniclesa new SF drama with soft post-apocalyptic undertones.

Will it be about viruses (very fashionable in these uncertain times), aliens, nuclear accidents, mass genocide? Not at all. Through their story, the Franco-Lithuanian duo rather addresses the disastrous consequences of an ecological crisis, subject to sadly current considerations. ” Bio-punk odyssey According to distributor Condor, the film, shot in English and benefiting from an international cast, was further unveiled through an altogether intriguing first trailer.

In a future where ecosystems have collapsed one after the other, a few privileged survivors have managed to find refuge within several citadels on the edge of the world. The others, meanwhile, struggle as best they can to survive the horrors of an environment that has become hostile to them.

Young Vesper, played by Raffiella Chapman (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, Homebound), dreams of using her talents as a bio-hacker – an invaluable predisposition in a world where the surface has become sterile – in order to escape her daily life, and offer her disabled father (Richard Brake) a better life. But as a mysterious ship straight from the citadels crashes near the woods where she resides, Vesper meets a mysterious woman, and sees her life turned upside down.

Let it be said, only pre-teens can save the world

The apparent calm, almost contemplative of the first seconds is deceptive. Soon, the musical theme darkens and gains in intensity as the young character faces the inhospitable nature of this New World. But the captivating timbre of a voiceover warns the viewer: Vesper and his gifts have the power to change everything.

From the first images with dull, sick colorimetry, which seduce as much as they arouse anxiety, and are reminiscent, in a certain way, Annihilation by Alex Garland. Film with promising beginnings and a story that will perhaps accomplish the not insignificant feat of awakening some ecological awareness, Vesper Chronicles promises, or so we hope, a simultaneously epic and touching tale, to discover in theaters from August 17, 2022.


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