Upload Season 3: All the information available on the return of the Amazon series exclusively!  - Mag Mirror

Upload Season 3: All the information available on the return of the Amazon series exclusively! – Mag Mirror

This American series created by Greg Daniels is broadcast on Amazon Prime Video since May 1, 2020 worldwide. Upload is made up of ten episodes and features actors such as Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley. Produced by 3 Arts Entertainment and Greg Daniels who is also named executive producer alongside Howard Klein. After the almost immediate success of this first season, a week after its broadcast, on May 8, 2020, it is announced that the series will be renewed for a season 2!
This second season appeared on our screens on May 11, 2022, on that same day the series was renewed again for a new season. Upload will therefore benefit from a season 3 to the delight of spectators!

Upload perfectly mixes the comic genre and science fiction, telling the life of Nathan Brown, a handsome and clever man who develops a system allowing us to access immortality. For the moment, no information has been revealed regarding the release of season 3. No trailer is available, so here is the trailer for season 2 to give you some images in mind:

A funny and futuristic series

In 2033 in San Francisco, the world is ultra-technological and focused on innovation, the afterlife has become a real market.
That’s what realizes Nathan when he dies one day prematurely. He is then transferred to a universe lake view funded by the one he loves or at least thought he loved.

Indeed, having access to the upload is not free and it is besides the big companies of our world which dominate this market.
So when Nathan develops a system that would make this afterlife universe accessible to everyone, things don’t go as planned.
Nathan will quickly realize that his memory was partially erased and that he was actually murdered. Then follows an investigation through the episodes, punctuated by jokes and allusions to our current life.
The series has been a great success since its release and it is not surprising! Created by Greg Daniels who is also behind The Officethe public expected the biting humor of this previous series and the bet is won!

A true painting of our society, Upload features absurd and clichéd characters that make us realize the failings of the system. Pushing our daily situations to the extreme, this series is an interesting mix between black-mirror and The Stealthy.

The triumph of season 2

After an excellent first season which sets the scene for this very special series, season 2 was eagerly awaited!
We are still following Nathan who finds himself in a complex situation after the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Ingrid in Lakeview. The latter is ready to do anything to win back Nathan’s heart, which already secretly belongs to the beautiful nora. For its part, the latter will disappear and be entirely part of the group of technophobic rebels ” The Ludds“. We will also witness new inventions like “ prototypes“, the new baby of lake view which will bring its share of disaster.

The series manages to make us laugh about a future that is not so far from our present in some ideas without creating anxiety in us like Black Mirror did.

Considering the success of these first two seasons, it was not surprising that Premium Video announces the release of a third!
For the moment no image has been revealed by the production or the members of the cast. We will have to wait a few more weeks before we have more information on this release!

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