UNUSUAL.  Discover the giant fresco of Saype, created on the occasion of the festivities for the centenary of the Territoire-de-Belfort

UNUSUAL. Discover the giant fresco of Saype, created on the occasion of the festivities for the centenary of the Territoire-de-Belfort

The Territoire-de-Belfort is celebrating its 100th anniversary! A colorful anniversary, crowned in particular by a visit by the Patrouille de France and the creation of a large ephemeral fresco by Saype, an artist from the department. A work to discover for two weeks, on the highest point of the territory.

Saype, or Guillaume Legros, think always bigger! Dn the context of the centenary festivities of the Territoire-de-Belfort, the artist from the department created a huge fresco in the open air of 5,000m2 located on one of the slopes of the Ballon d’Alsace. An ephemeral work, to see at the beginning of summer, which reflects what makes the glory of the territory.

I wanted to represent a child who plays with different symbols: the TGV, the Adrian helmet made in factories in Beaucourt for the First World War, the Lion of Belfort and a musical instrument to show in particular that it is a small territory with a huge music scene “, explains this 33-year-old artist. To create this large fresco that summarizes local successes, it took mobilizing an entire team for almost a year. Not to mention the 4 days of brush strokes and painting.

The artist accustomed to creating works in unusual places such as the Champ-de-Mars in Paris, this time tackled one of the slopes of the Ballon d’Alsace. ” The longest part is finding the right link to say the right thing. For outdoor works, you have to feed on the aesthetics of the place. It’s not enough to come and pose a work in a park: you have to find a kind of interaction for the photo to be aesthetic and so striking. “, justifies the child of the department.

The centenary festivities were therefore the perfect opportunity for Saype to return to the lands that saw him grow up, but not only: “ For me, promoting my region all over the world and sometimes being able to return to my native lands is so cool! »

In addition to the artistic aspect, the Belfortain also wants to make its public think. ” There is a responsibility as an artist to have to take the voice of the people. I want people to feel involved in this work. Often, I represent children in my work to evoke different issues or questions that I could ask myself and on which I want to question the public. », justifies the artist.

Another element that was close to his heart and that he wishes to show to visitors: respect for the environment. ” I allow myself to make a huge fresco to mark the collective memory, with the idea of ​​celebrating the 100 years of the territory, but without marking nature says Saype.

The artist therefore joined his words and his deeds: he created this fresco with biodegradable paint. It must dissolve on its own within 15 days, all the more reason to quickly go and see the unique and original work!

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