Umbrella Academy on Netflix: "I didn't understand anything", why the end of season 3 disappoints fans

Umbrella Academy on Netflix: “I didn’t understand anything”, why the end of season 3 disappoints fans

While season 3 of “Umbrella Academy” is a hit on Netflix, many loyal viewers have shared their disappointment with the series finale.


Warning, spoilers! This article reveals elements of season 3 of “Umbrella Academy”.

If the first two seasons of Umbrella Academy had conquered the fans, the end of season 3 divides. It must be said that many events come to upset the daily life – already very chaotic – of the Umbrella Academy and therefore the spirit of the viewers. In the tenth and final episode, the Hargreeves once again escape the end of the world, notably thanks to Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman).

Thanks to an alien machine, Sir Reginald (Colm Feore) manages to create a new universe. The Hargreeves brothers reunite in Obsidian Park and discover that Luther (Tom Hopper) is alive and well in this new reality. Above all, the members of the Umbrella Academy discover that they have lost the use of their powers.

Allison, meanwhile, is reunited with her family – her husband and daughter. His wish came true when they don’t even belong to the same reality. On social networks, many viewers point to inconsistencies and believe that the plot of the series becomes confused with the arrival of different realities.

Even the creator, Steve Blackman, took it upon himself to clear up some misunderstandings following the finale in an interview with EntertainmentTonight. He explains, among other things, that the character of Allison is indeed in the same reality as her family: “Many believe that Allison, Ray and Claire are ghosts. This is not the case. Ray and Claire now exist in this timeline, which shouldn’t happen..”

The showrunner also shed some light on Ben’s (Justin H. Min) appearance in the post-credits scene. He explains that this version of Ben is indeed that of Sparrow Academy. The creator adds: “He’s in Korea, you can hear him by the voices. But how that will fit into the next season, I’m not going to tell you. It’s a secret !

The other disappointment noted by fans is with Allison’s character development. In season 3, the heroine almost becomes an antagonist. One of the sequences of episode 5 even made viewers react particularly. Number 3 kisses Luther using his powers.

While waiting for the inevitable season 4, find season 3 ofUmbrella Academy is available on Netflix.

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