Umbrella Academy on Netflix: a QR code hidden in the post-credits scene of season 3

Umbrella Academy on Netflix: a QR code hidden in the post-credits scene of season 3

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy ends with a mysterious post-credits scene in which a QR code is hidden. Decryption.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the conclusion of the third season of Umbrella Academy!

The last minutes of season 3 of Umbrella Academy, available on Netflix since June 22, are full of surprises! The original Hargreeves siblings – aided by Sloane and Ben from Sparrow Academy, a new team introduced in the new episodes – narrowly manages to save humanity from the apocalypse for the third time by following the plan of their adoptive father, whom Allison kills in the process.

But when the heroes arrive in a reset world, everything changes again! They indeed land in a reality where the one who turned out to be a Machiavellian alien is not dead and even reigns supreme, alongside his wife Abigail, also resuscitated.

Moreover, they are not the only ghosts since an additional scene appears right in the middle of the credits featuring… Ben! The latter is shown reading a book on the Korean subway, a sequence that echoes the season opener in which the mother of the character played by Justin H. Min becomes pregnant and gives birth on a very similar train. .

Which Ben is it?

A question remains however: is it the Ben of the Sparrow Academy, present throughout the season? However, he would have completely changed his look, haircut and attitude, which seems unlikely.

Is he then the deceased Ben of the Umbrella Academy but alive and well in this reality, created by Reginald’s alien machine? It is quite possible but it could also be a third version of the character. And it’s not the QR code slipped into the scene that will help unravel the mystery.

Indeed, the small square visible to the right of the screen when the camera zooms in on the young man really works but refers to the site, which gives no clue as to the rest of the plot.


It’s just a nod to one of the scenes from the season in which it’s revealed that the monkey Pogo became a tattoo artist and a member of a biker gang after being kicked out of Sparrow Academy by Sir Hargreeves. The QR code therefore refers to the site of the animal tattoo parlor on which you can download drawings related to the series.

Want to tattoo a Moon in homage to Luther, a violin to celebrate Viktor or the Sparrow and Umbrella Academy logos? These models are made for you!

All 3 seasons of Umbrella Academy are available on Netflix.

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