Ubisoft is committed to the planet with Skull and Bones and Riders Republic

Ubisoft is committed to the planet with Skull and Bones and Riders Republic

Game News Ubisoft is committed to the planet with Skull and Bones and Riders Republic

Ubisoft intends to use its games to make players aware of the issues of global warming and overconsumption of the planet’s resources. A virtuous operation, which will be done through in-game events organized within Riders Republic and Skull and Bones as part of the Green Game Jam 2022

Ubisoft goes green

Working in the video game industry and committing to the planet are not incompatible. In any case, this is what the organization defends. Playing for The Planeta group that campaigns for the preservation of the environment and made up of major players in the video game world such as Microsoft, Sega, Bandai Namco and Ubisoft.

The French studio also wants to make its players aware of pollution and global warming issues through its games. Ubisoft plans to offer its fans in-game events in the coming months, focusing on the climate and the overconsumption of the planet’s resources. Two titles are currently concerned: Riders Republic and Skull and Bones.

A message to convey

Riders Republic will soon host an event simply titled “Phoenix” to alert players to wildfires. Within this event – which should also take place impromptu – players will be “immersed instantly in the middle of a fire in the forest”. Several elements of the game will change: the sky will be orange and the entire map will be covered in thick smoke, the player avatars will each wear a gas mask that cannot be removed, and finally part of the map will be inaccessible due to fires.

Ubisoft is committed to the planet with Skull and Bones and Riders Republic

In addition to these drastic changes, players will need to work together to slow the progress of wildfires. To do so, some players will have to gather data, using the photo mode in particular, to identify the most fragile parts of the redwood forest. Then, Ubisoft explains to us that the players will have to perform various tasks in order to contain the fire, such as cleaning the paths for example, or protecting the trees with aluminum.

Ubisoft also intends to take advantage of its future title Skull and Bones in order to alert players to marine fauna and the excesses resulting from intensive fishing. The event proposed within the game will revolve around the intensive fishing of sharks driven by the exploitation of their fins. Details of this event are yet to be revealed by the studio in the future, but it claims that different rewards will be unlocked depending on players’ level of involvement. Waiting, Skull and Bones could arrive quite quickly since the latest leaks speak of a release in November this year.

We can only welcome Ubisoft’s initiative. The studio is not the only one to commit in such a way, since all the members of Playing for The Planet also intend to use their voice to make their players aware of the protection of the planet within the framework of the Green GameJam 2022.
You can now find all the participants via this link.

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