Two environmental activists stick to the frame of a Van Gogh in London

Two environmental activists stick to the frame of a Van Gogh in London

two activists ecologists of the Just Stop Oil movement glued themselves this Thursday to the frame of a painting by Van Gogh. They aimed at the work Peach trees in bloommade in 1889 and exhibited at the Courtauld Gallery in London (UK).

“Sorry everyone, we don’t want to do that,” explained Louis Mckechnie, a 21-year-old activist, in a video posted by the association. “We are glued to this painting, this magnificent painting, because we are terrified for our future. Already arrested 20 times, the young man spent six weeks in prison last winter for blocking Highway surrounding London.

Stop fossil fuel projects

In March 2022, he also distinguished himself by attaching himself to a goal post during a football match. He recently said he was ready to become “public enemy No. 1” to raise awareness about the climate crisis, setting no limits as long as the actions were “non-violent” and did not endanger lives.

In the video, the two activists of Just Stop Oil evoke and condemn the “40 new projects ofenergies fossils from the government”, a figure frequently quoted by environmental associations. They considered that signing each of them was equivalent to “signing our death warrant”.

Another action in a Scottish museum

Just Stop Oil points out that this action comes at a time when Provence, the French region painted by Van Gogh, risks suffering from Drought. For its part, the Courtauld Gallery explained that the room where the painting is exhibited was “immediately closed to the public” after the incident. The museum reopened normally on Friday.

According to Just Stop Oil, five of its activists were arrested on Wednesday after an action in Scotland. In a museum in Glasgow, they painted inscriptions on the floor and a wall and stuck to the frame of a 19th-century painting of a landscape in the Scottish Highlands.

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