TV: Saada confirms, Canal+ is angry against the LFP

TV: Saada confirms, Canal+ is angry against the LFP

After acquiring the TV rights for European competitions, Canal+ risks neglecting the next Ligue 1 call for tenders. A strategy assumed by President Maxime Saada, who is always upset against the Professional Football League.

For the period 2024-2027, it will be necessary to have a subscription to Canal + in order to access all the matches of the European competitions. The encrypted channel has indeed won the TV rights to the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa League Conference, all for 476 million euros per season. With such an investment, Canal+ will surely not raise the stakes during the call for tenders for the League 1 next year. And for good reason, its president Maxime Saada remains marked by the treatment inflicted by the LFP, which had favored Mediapro.

Canal+ has ended its addiction

The challenge was to become less dependent on the L1. I had a very bad experience of the May 2018 call for tenders when we left without L1 at a time when we could hardly do without it, hence this sublicense agreement with beIN to recover its two matches per dayexplained the manager to L’Equipe. Our ambition was to rest Canal on more pillars, I think we succeeded. We are no longer in a situation of absolute dependence on one or other of our content. »

Of course, Ligue 1 no longer has the same importance for Canal+. So much so that the matches are no longer broadcast on its main channel. ” Already on the hearings, the average of our L1 matches this season is a ratio of 1 to 3 compared to the C1 (533,000 average against 1.6 million for the Champions League)defended Maxime Saada. But the choice of the programming channel does not affect these results. When we can’t broadcast an F1 Grand Prix on Canal+ and we switch it to Canal+ Décalé, we get big audiences. »

When they are interested, our subscribers know how to change the channel. We do not degrade a competition by positioning it on Canal+ Décalécontinued the president. When you’re on a Saturday night prime, which is a notorious L1 poster, everyone knows where to watch it. The same program next season? Absolutely, with a few tweaks. With the Top 14, Saturday and Sunday in prime time on Canal+ premium, our audiences and the number of rugby fans are growing. We have no reason to change policy. »

Nothing very reassuring for French football, which may wonder if Canal+ intends to participate in the Ligue 1 call for tenders next year. ” The future will tell… This remains an important pay TV product but we will see depending on the circumstances, the price and what will happen at that time on the French market. “Warned Maxime Saada, ready to take advantage of a possible lack of competition to recover rights at low prices.

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