Transformer sa PS5 en PS2, c’est aussi simple que cela

Turning your PS5 into a PS2 is as simple as that

News hardware Turning your PS5 into a PS2 is as simple as that

You love your PS5 but the nostalgia of previous versions torments you? Know that it is very simple to offer a new look to your PS5 so that it looks like two drops of water (or almost) to the console of your youth.

With the stock shortages that have been linked since the start of its release, the PS5 is already quite rare in its current state. But if you didn’t already know, it is quite simple to personalize your PS5 to stand out and express your passions.

The design of the console is quite special, especially with the two white plastic plates that have a sandwich effect. These can simply be removed to be replaced. Do not panic, they are made for that.

Here is a fine example, and it comes to us from u/HistoricalAd5106, a Reddit user who shows us his little wonder, posted on the PlayStation subreddit.

It’s very successful, and the transparent effect gives it a real vintage look. To do this, it is extremely simple. He got the plastic plates from Amazon, as well as the “PS5” stickers featuring the design of the legendary PS2. You can find on the PlayStation site how to remove the plates safely:

  • turn off the console and wait for it to cool down
  • lay the PS5 flat with the PS logo visible in the corner
  • from this corner, pull the plate up and to the right to remove it
  • for the other side, repeat the reverse operation

If you don’t feel like buying a new pair of covers, there are many options on Amazon to get skins. These are simple stickers to add to the console to customize it. For once, you are spoiled for choice and there are even skins for Dualsense controllers.

The PS2, still the queen of consoles

It’s normal to want to reproduce the feeling of having a PS2 on your TV stand, as the console is legendary. It is still today the best-selling model in history with 155 million units.

Released in 2000, over 10,000 games were available worldwide during its lifespan, for a total of 1.5 billion copies sold. If you had the chance to play it at its prime, you surely have a nice list of legendary games that come to mind.

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