Top 15 of the funniest contrepétéries (with answers), the art of changing the meaning of sentences

Top 15 of the funniest contrepétéries (with answers), the art of changing the meaning of sentences

Among puns, there is the contrepèterie. What’s that weird word? There are a lot of hilarious twists, discover them in this article.

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The most famous contrepétérie is undoubtedly “the choice in the date”which gives by reversing the syllables “finger in pussy”. That’s it, do you visualize what the art of contrepèterie is?

The contrepeterie is a figure of speech which consists of giving new meaning to a sentence or a sequence of words. May its new meaning be burlesque Where rudehe is always very funny. To achieve a perfect pattern, it must present a excellent phonetic match. Indeed, no syllable should be set aside. Any part of a word can be changed : consonants, vowels, syllables, the whole word or just one letter. In the art of the contrepèterie, we don’t care about the spelling.

The contrepèterie, also called counterpetis defined by the art of playing with words and their sounds. Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of letters to alter the total meaning of the sentence. Often saucycounterpets make young and old smile.

The master in the‘art of the contrepèterie is without a doubt the writer Joel Martin. He gives his very clear definition of contrepèterie. Only him is “the art of shifting the sounds that our mouth produces”. Did you notice the backlash? By reversing the sounds, we can read its definition completely differently: “the art of desalinating the cunts that our dick opens”.

Joel Martin wrote several books about the contrepèterie, each one more fascinating than the other. The book that most marked the career of Joël Martin is “The Counterfeit”. In this book, he relates a historical and literary approach counterpetism by approaching Freud, Bergson, Lacan and Rabelais. To the delight of fans of this literary art, Joël Martin delivers some 950 hidden patterns in his text.

How did contrepèterie become popular?

It’s in the 1950s than the satirical newspaper The chained Duck, popularizes counterpeteries. Le Canard enchaîné devotes an entire section named “On the Countess’s Album” and every day there are published new counterparts. The last two heads of the section are Luc Etienne (from 1957 to 1984) and Joel Martinstill at the helm of this section of contrepèteries since 1984.

Joël Marin has published a book on the best political jokes published in Le Canard enchaîné. Credit: Amazon

The contrepèteries are also expressed in music. This is Bobby Lapointe who excels in the art of musical counterpoint. Listen to the songs of Bobby Lapointe, with the lyrics it will be easier, and find the counterpoints that are in his songs.

The contrepeterie is a brain game which does not speak to everyone. There are people for whom finding the result is a child’s playfor others the solution is more difficult to detect. The art of the pattern delights the lover of the French language, those who love brainstorm with words. Discover our top 15 of the funniest costumes. It’s your turn !

Even if the tradition is that the solutions to the contrepèteries are not revealed (because it is up to you to find them by yourself), you will find the solutions at the end of the article because they are still very funny.

1. Be careful the bridge will break!

2. Have you ever arrived on foot through China?

3. A great thesis.

4. He really loves his brother.

5. What a great job: teacher!

6. He likes humor as much as pasta.

7. We challenge our particles.

8. I like the girls who live in Laval.

9. Cutlet on a salad.

10. The bee sinks.

11. Learn to calculate in a hundred lessons.

12. It stinks in the bus!

13. Is it a beam fire?

14. To rediscover the taste of white, nothing beats a fine appellation.

15. Oh madam, if you only knew what your plant does to me!

Solutions to counterpeteries

Discover the answers to all examples of contrepèterie. Credit: iStock

You’ve brainwashed yourself but you have not found the solutions ? For anyone who hasn’t found the solutions to counterpets, here are the answers. Bold letters highlight consonants, vowels or syllables that have been changed.

1. Beware the pwe go vsenough!

Answer : Watch out the con will pass!

2. Have you ever come to pwalked by the Chine?

Answer : Have you ever managed to shit by the pine?

3. One bshe youhese.

Answer : Such a fuck.

4. He loves godear sound frankgin.

Answer : He frankly loves her vagina.

5. What a beautiful metier: proasseur!

Answer : What a beautiful butt promising!

6. He loves hadie as much as the phasyour.

Answer : He likes love as much as whores.

7. We contest our bytickles.

Answer : We compare our testicles.

8. I like girls who dressent Ldownstream.

Answer : I like girls who swallow dick.

9.Escalope on a slettuce.

Answer : Climbing on a bitch.

10. Abeye neckthe.

Answer : The beautiful ball.

11. Learn to calculate in hundred lessons.

Answer : Learn to bugger each other in your underpants.

12. It peu in the car !

Answer : It goes in the ass!

13. Is it a fhad of poutraged ?

Answer : Is it a little cum?

14. To find the gout of white, nothing beats one fine appelation.

Answer : To find the end of the glans, nothing beats a fellatio cock.

15. Oh madam, if you only knew what your pleaseante me fhave!

Answer : Oh Madam, if you knew what your slot pleases me!

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