Top 10 most twisted bosses in World of Warcraft

Top 10 most twisted bosses in World of Warcraft

In the history of WoW, several raid bosses marked the players by the game mechanics offered. Some encounters could be particularly original, while sometimes it was about managing an ability that made the fight quite unique. In this video by hirumaredx, the author comes back to the bosses that offer a different experience or that have had a profound effect on players.

As usual, the full video is available below, but I’ll give you a summary of the Top 10.

  1. Blood Council : On the one hand, we have the lord Stavros who designated pairs of dancers at the sjoueurs. They had to stay close to each other or take damage, but you also had to move regularly to avoid the AoEs that appear under your characters. The Danse Macabre skill was also very original and forced players to follow the steps of purotins, which could result in a buff or a DoT depending on whether you succeeded or not.
  2. Malygos : This was one of the first bosses to feature a mid-air fight, with a fairly easy but not very exciting phase 3. A fight marked by this feature but ultimately a little disappointing, which was a shame for such an important character.
  3. Vault of the Guardians : Players had to use the Light of Elune in order to light up the environment and be able to attack different monsters in the corridors leading to the last boss, Cordana Felsong. Spiders could hit players in the dark, but not the other way around, which sometimes made for a bit of a pain. Cordana also used a similar mechanic, quite unique in WoW history.
  4. Immerse : In Phase 2, the boss disappears and brings up lots of adds that must either be killed or cured. The concept was ultimately not always pleasant to manage for the players, especially for those who wanted to embark on soloing. It is indeed necessary to be able to move quickly and as each class is not always well supplied in terms of mobility, the experience can turn into a nightmare for some.
  5. Pandaria Loot : An exceptional boss since it involves opening crates and killing the adds that appear. A bossless encounter of sorts, where your raid needs to be split in two and where the most important thing is to balance both groups well.
  6. Maidens of Iron : A dantesque fight that gave headaches to a lot of players. It was necessary to manage three bosses, but also to avoid dropping one too quickly below 20% of life points at the risk of seeing them get a little too angry. It was also necessary to regularly pass on the cuirassier to kill adds and get rid of explosives. A very long meeting full of mechanics.
  7. Dark Animus : Another fight with many, if not too many elements to take into account. With the presence of small, medium and large golems, positioning was essential because it was necessary to avoid activating too many golems at the same time. It was also necessary to have many tanks. The raid had to manage the abilities of the boss itself, but also those of the adds, with for example Animus who could interrupt everyone’s cast. A puzzle where a death while dealing with golems could cause the raid to wipe.
  8. The Sorry Host : A significant encounter because of the two worlds in which the players had to fight. We were playing in the same room, but in two different phases with their own adds. However, some effects of the Physical Mode were reflected in the Spirit World, requiring both groups to be extra careful with player positioning.
  9. Queen Azshara : 4 phases, 2 intermediate phases, skills taking into account the line of sight in all directions, the famous decrees and a long, very long fight. What more can be said ?
  10. Naphtremens : The first boss of the Sanctum of Domination is not difficult, but it brings a very special mechanic with the different anima powers that you collect from the trash before the encounter. These are random and can thus change your way of playing each time you face it. Some bosses are even monstrous, with the Disembodied Mystical Hands ability that can even steal rage and increase your damage and haste by 25% for 35 sec. Not all powers are equally powerful, but some combos could be really interesting or very useful depending on the difficulty mode (healing, +30% to your stats, +45% life, etc.).

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