Tonight on TV, "Kingsman: Secret Service": This scene that gave Taron Egerton a hard time

Tonight on TV, “Kingsman: Secret Service”: This scene that gave Taron Egerton a hard time

He has become the darling of young girls in bloom by donning the panoply of an apprentice secret agent in the “Kingsman” saga. He didn’t have to go out of his way to befriend the critics as well. Thanks to his unfeigned kindness and humility, the British Taron Egerton has carved out a reputation as a hyper-cool guy in Hollywood’s Landernau. Meeting with an ideal son-in-law.

What is fascinating when an actor makes films like Kingsman, is that we teach him lots of exciting things. Like rolling at top speed through the streets of London, shooting high-tech weapons, jumping from the top of a building or having fun with gadgets worthy of James Bond, etc. And you Taron? Looking back, what amused you the most during the filming of all Kingsman confused?

Probably the intro scene in The Golden Circle! That of the chase in a London taxi full of gadgets. I love it when it transforms into an amphibian vehicle. It reminds me of the James Bond of the 70s! For the little anecdote, we could only do one take for this scene. It indeed required a perfect choreography especially when I fight in this cab. I know for a guy like Tom Cruise to put on that kind of stuff is piece of cake. For me, it was a lot of preparation and hard work! With each Kingsman, I learned something new! In the first part, for example, I was trained to stay underwater as much as possible without breathing! A technique that served me well when the taxi I was telling you about just started to sink in the water with my character inside! I had ten seconds to fill my lungs with air and then it was the big splash, the water rising, the eyes blurring, etc. Luckily we had oxygen cylinders handy. In case…

What was the hardest scene to shoot?

Exactly ! This is a scene for which I just ran out of breath! The scene in question took place at the top of Mont-Blanc, not far from a cable car. Once up there, the oxygen was so scarce that every time I moved, I opened my mouth like a fish taken out of its aquarium! Running in the snow, on the roof of Europe, even for twenty seconds, is the most trying thing ever! Between takes, it took me a while to catch my breath. Apart from that, the altitude gave me a funny effect. I always wanted to sleep! When you shoot this kind of production, it is not recommended! You must always indeed be in motion!

It seems that you giveiez a lot of your person on Kingsman sets

I was doing a lot of stunts, it’s true! This earned me a few minor injuries, but nothing too bad. Risky Business. Besides, it will always give me veteran stories to tell my grandchildren. When I will! In this kind of films, one should not “philosophize”. We make you up, we dress you, we show you how to hold the gun and then you show up on the set and there you go for it as soon as you are told “action”. When you’re working on a production of this size and cost, you don’t have time to wait for the set paints to dry!

It is easy to imagine that with the success met byKingsmanyou have seen your life change completely!

It’s clear that I saw more people stopping me in the street to ask me for autographs or selfies. However, that never bothered me. I haven’t yet needed to hire bodyguards to ensure my safety! (laughs) I also didn’t intend to train more martial arts to bring down a fan who was a little too insistent. You know, I have great respect for the fans. Colin Firth often reminded me of that. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They are the ones who, in a certain way, allow us to lead a comfortable existence. That’s why I always have trouble when I see a star who refuses to sign an autograph for a fan.

And on a more practical level?

At the risk of sounding like a materialist, I must say that at this level, my daily life has improved significantly. The biggest change is already the possibility that I had to buy a house for my mother thanks to my stamps. Not so long ago, she lived in a studio. My family was not poor but they lacked space. Today, it is clear that my parents are less cramped. The other big upheaval is travel. Before the first Kingsman, I had never been to America to promote a film. Since then, I have caught up. I have traveled the world far and wide. I am a happy man. What else do you want !

First class travel?

Yup! Before when I traveled, I had my knees to my chin because I only took seats in economy class. Today, things have changed. It’s not “pasta or chicken” anymore. The offer on board has improved significantly! (laughs).

What are the other – less nice – effects of fame?

Simple ! I used to be able to sit in a pub and spend as long as I wanted drinking two pints of beer. Today, I can still drink my two pints but it’s top time and as close as possible to the emergency exit! Ever since I’ve been on the cover of magazines, people think I belong to them! I really wasn’t prepared for this! Nobody can be prepared for that. There is no training. No school. It happens to you without you seeing it coming. There are people who manage well and others who are disturbed. My luck is that I come from a modest background. I never had a big head. I’ve always been a balanced person too. I’ve never felt the need to express a bad feeling or a bad way of life by ruining a hotel room or attacking people for nothing. Again, I know how lucky I am.

Kingsmanvs’was also for you the opportunity to wear tailor-made clothes. You can admit it to us now, there is a prescription, but vyou can’t find that the purple tuxedo jacket itwas a little too much?

When the costum designer told me I was going to wear this, I looked at him as if to say: “You’re kidding! Not even in a dream!”. Then I added:“Wouldn’t you have the same model in midnight blue or black? In short, a more discreet color!”. His answer was categorical: NO! Finally, he was right not to give in to my request. This jacket was perfect for me. She captured everyone’s attention! Including yours obviously! (laughs). You know, in my life, I’m not really into clothes and fashion! A t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, that’s more than enough for me!”

You recognize yourselfIez in certain character traits of your character?

Yes and no ! No, because I was never recruited or approached with the aim of becoming a real spy! Yes, because I recognize myself in Eggsy’s metamorphosis. Basically, he’s a little guy from the suburbs with no future. Until a lucky star, a good fairy takes an interest in her. In my case, it’s Hollywood!

You seem like a very cool guy..

If I give this impression it is because I am a very organized perfectionist. Making movies is a real job for me. It is not something that is improvised. It is not a pastime that one approaches as a dilettante.

How would you react if tomorrow, you were offered to play 007?

Who wouldn’t dream of playing James Bond? It’s a golden role and franchise! The coolest character in the world! If tomorrow, I am offered to embody the commander, I go for it!

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