Tim Burton: one of his greatest films will be entitled to a reboot

Tim Burton: one of his greatest films will be entitled to a reboot

Almost all movies of Tim Burton are become classics, and even if the character does not appeal to everyone, his authorship is indisputable. Each of his feature films is unique, even if they all share the same identity. But one of them might be entitled to a brand new new release at Paramount.

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Each of the major American film production companies has its own cult films. And horror and dread, the supernatural are among the most pampered. Whether Universal Picture has many themed movies as The Mommy, Dracula, Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera or The black Cat, Paramount has nothing to envy, with horror adaptations of many cult works. Thus, Paramount has adaptations like Simetierre, the Black Fortress, Friday the 13th, Mother, Psychosis, Cloverfield or Without a Noise and War of the Worlds. Soon we can count a new story to add to the arc of Paramount. A story that has already been adapted to the cinema by none other than Tim Burton.

Indeed, Paramount plans to produce a new film based on sleepy hollow. The original story, based on the short story by Washington Irving named “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow“focuses on the titular city as it is haunted by visits from a so-called Headless Horseman. The story has seen many adaptations, the most famous of which and the one that will have given it its most marked visual identity is that of Tim Burton in 1999. In this one, we could see Johnny Depp in particular in the role of Ichabod Crane, long before his huge problems with the law and Amber Heard. All this information comes from the media Deadlinewhich suggests that Paramount is looking to get a new horror-related visual identity starting with this movie.

sleepy hollow : a real horror movie?

The version we know of sleepy hollow by Tim Burton can’t really be considered a horror film, since it fits – as usual with the director – more like a fantasy film. At the head of the reboot, Deadline present the name of Lindsey Beer. This will be Lindsey Beer’s second time directing for Paramount, asshe was also approached to lead the film’s prequel project Simetierre of 2019. In addition to directing the project, Beer is also said to have already written the screenplay and would be producer alongside Todd Garder (The Possession of Hannah Grace) and spencer walken.

Beer is not yet a household name in the film world.. She stands out as a screenwriter on the Netflix series The Magic Order whose development is always risky on the side of Netflix. She was also behind the script of Sierra Burgess is a Loser, a teen comedy available on Netflix. Sure, all the details regarding the plot of the new adaptation of sleepy hollow remain secret. But if Paramount is interested in a reboot, it’s becausethey believe that this film will be able to equal or even do better than the Tim Burton film from 1999. The short story has been adapted many times since 1920 and its first appearance on the big screen. 20th Century Fox also financed a series sleepy hollow in 2013, currently four seasons long.

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