Thor: Love & Thunder: Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldlum cut during editing, says Christian Bale |

Thor: Love & Thunder: Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldlum cut during editing, says Christian Bale |

The output of Thor: Love & Thunder approach, and with it, the interviews of the stars multiply. During an interview granted to the Spanish-speaking editorial staff of Prensaescenario, Christian Bale evoked, at the turn of other subjects, the absence of two actors cut during the editing of the film of Taika Waititi. According to the British actor, Peter Dinklageslated to reprise the role ofEitri the Starforge Giant Dwarf, and Jeff Goldblumback for a new performance in the skin of the Grandmasterdisappeared from the final version.

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Basel does not give any explanation as to these cuts, in a relatively economical film in terms of length (119 minutes, which already makes it one of the shortest adventures of the Phase 4), but which we know according to the director that a first cut was four hours long. Known for storing a large quantity of images based on scenes shot in improvisation and thrown in the trash, Waititi had already left out a few scenes on Thor: Ragnarok – between six and seven minutes of “useful” images, a scene censored by disney which evoked the sexual orientation of Valkyrieand an alternate version of the death ofOdin shot in an alley – alongside lots of bonus content.

The filmmaker had actually wanted to develop a few “pieces” of his documentary world developed before the film (remember, the little short film where Thor borders Mjolnirunquestionably funnier content than all the gags of Ragnarok placed end to end). Some of these videos included the Grandmaster of Jeff Goldlum. Waititi may have repeated the experiment for Love & Thunder, but the promotional campaign has not, for the time being, chosen to take this route. We can therefore expect simple scenes deemed useless to the plot, as is often the case in this kind of configuration.

A few weeks ago, Christian Bale evoked another sequence removed from the final cut, and which would have involved music by the artist Kate Bush (he specifies in passing that the rejection has nothing to do with the series Stranger Thingswhich had recently been noticed for having used one of the songs of the singer). Waititi and apparently intended him to come up with some sort of dance scene for the maleficent Gorrthat Basel compare to clip”Come to Daddy” ofAphex Twin, and which would apparently not have been retained in the end. On this, we could perhaps accuse the choreography of Matt Smith in Morbiuswhich has become a snapshot meme, to justify the decision of Kevin Feige to avoid a possible backlash.

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