Thor Love and Thunder: the classification promises the most adult film of the MCU

Thor Love and Thunder: the classification promises the most adult film of the MCU

Starting July 13, Chris Hemsworth will be found in the skin of the God of Thunder within Thor: Love and Thunder At the movie theater. The film will be available for children aged 12 and overhere thanks to what daring sequences the British Board of Film Classification justified this rating.

Thor facing the terrible Gorr in Love and Thunder

After the events in Avengers: Endgame, and his dark period in Fat Thor mode, the God of Thunder counts well take back the hair of the beast. The superhero will once again honor his status as a warrior of Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunderat least, we hope so, above all on whether this is the last time Chris Hemsworth will portray the character. The first fan reviews of Taika Waititi’s film have fallenand some of them describe the project as the most ambitious of Phase 4 of the MCU.

I have to say that Thor: Love and Thunder should push our hero to his limits. If he wanted enjoy a moment of calm to spend time with his friends the Guardians of the Galaxy and to seek deep within himself a sense of serenity, the God of Thunder will have to put it off until later. And for good reason, Gorr the Butcher of the Gods will be more than determined to eliminate all the Gods who populate this world… To face this terrible villain embodied on screen by Christian Bale, Thor can count on the support of his friends Korg and Miek, but also on that of Jane Foster, his former girlfriend.

What the classification body teases about the film

Like many Marvel movies, the studios have made Thor 4 a family feature film, accessible to almost all ages. The British Board of Film Classification, responsible for assessing the classification of films, has chosen to prohibit the viewing of the blockbuster to children under 12 years old. To justify this rating, the BBFC revealed some details about Thor: Love and Thunder.

The organization cited, among other things, “fantastic bloodshed scenes” and times when “fantastic creatures are dismembered”. Other moments include “references to orgies”of “slight innuendo” on “the penis of a hero” and the “Thor’s rear naked body”which was shown in the official trailer for Love and Thunder.

The film also includes of the “moderate horror sequences”, of the “extended fantasy fight sequences” and significant use of a “slightly coarse language”, which the BBFC identifies as “piss”, “shit”, “asshole”. “, “damn”, “hell”, “damn”, “shit”, “God” and “asshole”. A warning is also given for “a character’s terminal cancer”. The most knowledgeable fans already know that it concerns Jane Foster, a plot already known by comic book lovers. You got it, even if Thor 4 will not be as scary as Doctor Strange 2 or as crude as Deadpool, it is still to be expected some daring scenes and cheerful bloodshed!

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