Ce rocher photographié sur Mars rend les internautes complètement fous

This rock photographed on Mars is driving internet users crazy

News hardware This rock photographed on Mars is driving internet users crazy

A Mars snapshot sent to Earth by NASA’s Perseverance rover is making a lot of noise: we see in particular a rock that seems to be in unstable equilibrium, but also other details worthy of interest.

If the conquest of Mars is in the minds of many NASA scientists, astronauts around the world or billionaire Elon Musk, we must not forget that the red planet already welcomes a very curious visitor since 2020 : this is the Perseverance rover. The latter explore the surface of the Martian soil to collect samples, but he also takes a lot of photos. Sometimes NASA shares a snapshot on the internet.

A Martian photo that makes people react

Thus, on June 12, NASA has released a new snapshot captured by Perseverance. You can see the sandy soil of the planet, but also many rock formations. On the right of the image, some Internet users thought they saw a snake or seal head, others saw Godzilla there… But another detail struck observers: the rock which, in the distance in the image, seems to be in unstable balance on a stone promontory.

On Twitter, this desert and mineral landscape did not fail to react : some saw it as a perfect setting for an episode of Star Trek, others embedded cartoon characters in it.

A snapshot full of information

Other observers are less amused and more fascinated by the showlike the astrobiologist
David Grinspoon. He considers it to be “the most evocative photo ever taken on Mars”before adding “I can’t stop looking at it and marveling at this landscape”.

An ancient delta in Jezero Crater. (Credit: NASA)

This rock photographed on Mars is driving internet users crazy

This shot was taken by Perseverance in Jezero Cratera place described by NASA scientists as a “geological feast”. According to them, it is “the best chance for the mission to find preserved remains of ancient microbial life”. The rover has been circulating there since the end of April and his expedition to this area of ​​the planet should still last many weeks. “We will look for signs of ancient life in the rocks at the base of the delta, rocks that we believe were once mud at the bottom of Lake Jezero”said Ken Farley, a Caltech scientist working on the project.

This photo has the merit of reacting and reminding us that the search for life on Mars continues. You can discover other shots photographed by Perseverance on the dedicated sitewhile waiting for news of the latest samples taken on the distant planet.

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