This film that made two million French people die of laughter is coming to Netflix in 3 days

This film that made two million French people die of laughter is coming to Netflix in 3 days

July 1 will not only be marked by the arrival of the latest episodes of Stranger Things season 4. This hilarious French comedy will also be posted on the Netflix catalog, find out which one it is.

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In a few days, a new calendar month will begin. The opportunity for Netflix to stock up on new releases, whether in terms of series, films or documentaries. To start July 2022 in style, the N rouge company will offer its subscribers the final two episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things. If this will be the conclusion of the penultimate season of the series’ history, they will be 3 hours and 44 minutes long in all. As you probably know, they will be focused on the reunion between Elf and Henry Creel, also called Eleven and Vecna. On this July 1st, lovers of French comedies will not be left out since Netflix will add two films by director Franck Gastambide (Valid). Before exploding everything with his series on rap, he was doing saucy comedies his trademark. It is therefore to be expected to find The Kaira but also Pattayaa feature film that made two million French people die of laughter when it was released in theaters!

Pattaya arrives July 1st on Netflix

Released in 2016 in dark rooms, Pattaya follows Franky and Krimo, two suburbanites who dream of leaving the grayness of their neighborhood to go on a trip in the famous and sulphurous Thai seaside resort of PATTAYA. To be able to get there at a lower cost, the two friends have the crazy idea of ​​registering the dwarf from their neighborhood without his knowledge in the world championship of Thai Boxing for Dwarfs. But what was supposed to be a dream vacation for them goes turn into the craziest and most perilous adventure of their lives.

What are Franck Gastambide’s inspirations for Pattaya ?

Of course, to write the scenario of Pattaya, the director was inspired by his own experience and that of his friends. What person from the suburbs doesn’t want to get out and enjoy the sun and the luxury of a big city abroad? For the universe of his film, Franck Gastambide also based himself on popular American comedies such as the films of the Farrelly brothers or some classic Francis Veber. Since the story of Pattaya also evokes the universe of Thai boxing, the filmmaker was also inspired by films focused on this sport such as Kickboxer, Full contact and Blood Sports. Pattayait’s available from July 1st on Netflix!

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