They/Them: a creepy trailer for the slasher in an LGBTQIA+ reconversion camp

They/Them: a creepy trailer for the slasher in an LGBTQIA+ reconversion camp

Kevin Bacon is featured in They/Them, the new slasher produced by Blumhouse which was unveiled in a first trailer.

There are summer camps, conversion camps, adolescent therapy, and sexual reorientation therapy, and in all cases, it is usually the parents who force their tender offspring into it. After the poignant Boy Erased by Joel Edgerton, and the no less poetic come as you are of Desiree Akhavan, it is the turn of the production company Blumhouse to take an interest in these small ignominies, and to underlie its horrific nature in the most literal sense of the term.

So, shortly after the little failure of the needy Firestarter, the house returns to haunt the screens on the arm of Kevin Bacon, who will play the falsely charismatic leader of an organization intended to “cure” those whose sexuality, or gender identity, does not conform to the prehistoric codes of a heteronormativity considered ideal. On the strength of this postulate, which indeed smacks of torture and fertile ground for any horror story, They/Them recently revealed itself with a spine-chilling first trailer.

This space is safe. For everyonee”, announces Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon), the doubtful smile, the freezing eye. In front of him, a group of teenagers freshly landed in the middle of the woods, the backpack on the shoulder, and the doubt in Decided not to take the matter too seriously, and resist as best they can, the teenagers try to reclaim the place through dancing, partying, and lust, but very quickly, these first images turn sour.

Underpinned by a diagonal split-screen, which translates an obvious game of duality relating to gender, individuals, and appearances, these first images quickly increase the tension, and figure in half the various methods which the Whistler camp uses in order to achieve its ends. Left to their own devices, teenagers will have no choice but to take matters into their own hands. in order to save their skins.

The dream Team

First feature film directed by the screenwriter John Loganto which we owe in particular the scenarios of Gladiator, Skyfallor Airman, They/Them wants to the culmination of a story duly matured over the years by its creator. In a press release relayed by IndieWirethe screenwriter, producer and now filmmaker confided:

“The idea of ​​They/Them has germinated all my life. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved horror movies. I think it’s because, for me, the monster represented the ostracized systematic “other”, and as a gay child, I felt a very strong affinity for these characters who were different, outcasts. I wanted to make a film that celebrates being queer, and features characters that I never saw in movies growing up. »

They/Them therefore promises to be a highly satisfying slasher that should give pride of place to a community that is still far too underrepresented in the mass media. Available from August 5 on the Peacock platformthe film does not currently have a French release date.


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