They call you and hang up on you right away?  The trick to knowing who it is

They call you and hang up on you right away? The trick to knowing who it is

Thousands of people around the world have been victims of “SPAM calls” at least once. You know, it’s those famous calls, where you’re immediately hung up when you pick up. This phenomenon is very common and above all very annoying. Since you can’t identify the number, you feel compelled to answer for fear that it’s an emergency or an important matter. Especially since if you do not answer, your voicemail may be overwhelmed with empty messages. Fortunately, there is a way to identify and block them.

Many users often complain about these calls that have no meaning or purpose. Why bother calling you out of the blue only to immediately hang up on you? That does not make sense. Of course, sometimes it can be a wrong number or an acquaintance, with whom we have cut ties, who withdraws at the last second. But, majority of the time, these calls mostly come from companies or cyber criminals. This is how they work: they dial your number and as soon as you answer, they automatically hang up. And this is not insignificant: telephone spam can even be very dangerous by encouraging the person to call back the unknown number, most often surcharged, or to send an SMS. Which can lead to the new concept of phishing, a malicious attempt by hackers to gain access to your personal data.

Discover this infallible trick to no longer suffer from this disturbance and avoid any form of threatening intrusion.

talk on the phone

Talking on the phone – Source: spm

The trick lies in an anti-spam application, called “TrueCaller”, available for Android and iOS smartphones. It is completely secure and free, easily accessible on Google Play or App Store. To install it on your telephone laptop, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to Google Play or App Store, depending on your device and download the app.

2. Once installed, allow TrueCaller to access your contact list, call manager, or any other permissions the app needs.

3. Sign up with your phone number and email. Wait for a verification call.

4. Next, you will need to create an account, via Facebook or Google.

incoming phone call

An incoming phone call – Source: spm

The good news is that “TrueCaller” is a very easy to use application. You won’t even need to make any changes in the configuration: once the application is installed, as soon as you receive a SPAM call, it will immediately show you the identity of the person or company trying to reach you . In this way, you will only answer calls from your friends and relatives, because you will immediately be sure that it is indeed them.

Additionally, TrueCaller has an option to block these calls unwanted, so that they no longer bother you. Indeed, although this platform is free, it has a premium version with even more powerful tools, which you can buy.

Good to know : there is also a simple trick to block a number that has just contacted you. If you have an Android cell phone, all you have to do is access your call history, select that number in question and click on block (or mark as spam). On iOS, go to the Recent calls tab or directly to your list of contacts. The procedure is the same: select the number and press Block this contact.

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