These 9 actors are very Canadian

These 9 actors are very Canadian

We are fortunate to have a distinct culture. We recognize it, we hear it, we look at it, we adhere to it, we know its star system. The boundary is thinner between Canadian television, despite its quality, and American productions. There are many Canadian actors who stand out in American series. It doesn’t date from yesterday, let’s think of Montrealer William Shatner, who became legendary thanks to star trek. Sandra Oh, Anna Paquin, Jay Bachurel, Quebecers François Arnaud, Caroline Dhavernas, Théodore Pellerin are other good examples. Let’s take a look at ten of them who are currently enjoying great success in American series that are talking about.

1) Hayden Christensen

Originally from Vancouver, it was in the suburbs of Toronto that he grew up and then made himself known when he was only 12 years old in a German-Canadian series. He then chained several small roles in projects that often rely on suspense. The year 2002 marks a turning point when he is chosen to interpret Anakin Skywalker in the new episodes of the films of Star Wars. This mythical role, he resumes it in the series Obi-Wan Kenobi which just arrived on Disney+. Anakin has since become Darth Vader. Next year, he will still be on the same channel in the series AhsokaAnakin Skywalker.

2) Finn Wolfhard

Born in Vancouver, the 19-year-old actor and musician took his first steps in front of the camera by attending summer classes at the Vancouver Film School. He inherits small episodic roles in The 100 and supernatural. But it is by responding to an offer of cast which was not intended only for professionals that his life has changed. Since 2016, he has played Mike in Stranger Things whose fourth season has just landed on Netflix.

3) Elliot Page

Born in Halifax, Elliot began his career at age 10. He is first known as Ellen and is identified as a female gender. His first series pit pony, earned him a nomination for the Gemini Awards, the Canadian equivalent of Gemini. As a teenager, he already made his mark at the cinema in Hollywood. Although he identifies as non-binary, his transition is long overdue given the contracts he is being offered. In 2019, he becomes Vanya Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy. Netflix has just launched season 3 where Elliot can appear for the first time since his transition. The platform said it was proud of its superhero, who is now called Viktor.

4) Seth Rogen

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This well-known actor who we see in many American comedies with his gang of friends (including the Canadian Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, James Franco) was born in Vancouver. That’s where it started like stand-up when he was a teenager. Although he plays more often in the cinema, it was on TV that he was discovered thanks to the series freaks and geeks. It was there that he met director and producer Judd Apatow, with whom he often collaborated. It is currently found in the series which has caused a lot of talk Pam and Tommy on Disney+. Seth is also one of the producers of the series The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, now in its third season, as well as its animated spinoff, The Boys Presents: Diabolicalon the same platform.

5) Rachel Blanchard

The Toronto actress was first spotted in a McDonald’s ad. At 8, she was already playing an important role in the youth series The Kids of Degrassi Street. In 1995, she landed the role of Cher in clueless, series derived from the popular film. For years, she has had fun between cinema and TV. On the small screen we saw her in 7th Heaven, peep show, call me fitz, flash point and Fargo. She currently plays Susannah in The Summer I Turned Pretty which just started on Amazon Prime Video.

6) Emmanuelle Chriqui

This Montrealer of Moroccan origin appeared like many actors of her age in the series Are You Afraid of the Dark on YTV. His role as Sloan in Surroundings for 8 seasons allowed him to make himself known. Since then, she has multiplied projects both on TV and in the cinema. Currently, we find it in a new adaptation of Superman, in Superman & Lois on The CW channel.

7) Will Arnett

Born in Toronto, Will discovered a passion for acting after auditioning for commercials. Comic actor, who has a great career in cinema and on TV, he stands out in the crazy series Arrested Development. He regularly works with actors from SNL. We see it in particular in 30Rock then in Up All Night, Flaked and The Miller. He lends his voice to the animated series BoJack Horseman, of which he is also a producer. He also hosts the game LEGO Masters. Currently, he plays Detective Terry Seattle in Murderville, on Netflix. We will also see him as Sweet Tooth in the series Twisted Metal which he prepares.

8) Martin Short

We often forget that this actor and comedian seen in some forty films is from Hamilton, Ontario. On TV he has also made several appearances, in addition to being part of the saturday night live in the 1970s then 1980s, and to have had his own show in the mid-1990s. Less present in recent years, we have seen him in Damages, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Recently, he played Dick Lundy, an old friend of Mitch Kessler in The Morning Show on Apple+. But his big comeback was alongside his friend Steve Martin and Selena Gomez in comedy Only Murders in the Buildingwhose second season has just arrived on Disney +.

9) Annie Murphy

It’s in the terrific Canadian series Schitt’s Creek that the Ottawa actress was discovered. Thanks to Dan and Eugene Levy who gave her the chance to play the candid Alexis Rose when she thought she was no longer doing this job. After playing small roles in Good God and Rookie Blue, his leap into comedy suits him well. The popularity of Schitt’s Creek got him to be the lead character in the black comedy Kevin Can F**k Himself on the American channel AMC. She is also from the second season of Russian Dollwhich recently premiered on Netflix.

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