The year of the shark: a WTF trailer for the French shark film

The year of the shark: a WTF trailer for the French shark film

After the werewolf Teddythe Boukherma brothers tackle sharks in year of the shark with Marina Fois and Kad Meradwhich revealed itself in a crossed-out trailer.

Whereas the very bad The Shark has just been released on VOD and that Shark Bait and The Reef: Stalked recently unveiled their respective trailers, we can say that the shark film still has a bright future ahead of it. Despite a shovelful of works whose Scared, Open Water, in deep water and 47 Meters Downnot to mention Jaws And the others best shark moviesFrance had never tackled the subject.

After revisiting the werewolf movie and bringing the hairy beast back to the Pyrenees with Teddybrothers Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma continent revisits the codes of horror and attack the creature of the seas which they bring back to the Landes with year of the shark which is revealed in a trailer of kiffance (or embarrassment).

In Year of the Shark, Marina Foïs interprets a maritime policeman determined not to retire. So when she sees a shark lurking, her eyes light up, she will be able to hunt down the shark and prove her worth. Accompanied by her teammates interpreted by Jean-Pascal Zadi (Simply Black, Cut!) and Christine Gautier (Teddy), she embarks on a relentless hunt. Kad Merad plays Thierry, the somewhat handsome husband of the gendarme.

In addition to becoming Maja’s personal challenge, the character portrayed by Marina Foïs, the critter of the seas will come and wreck the entire local economy which obviously relies on swimming and lazing on the beach. So, when access to the beach is forbidden, tracking the beast becomes essential.

“Chichis, donuts!”

In this semi-Sea teethmid-Campingthe Boukherma brothers decided to hijack the subgenre rather than make a marine blockbuster and as for Teddy, the filmmakers have decided to lean towards the comic or even the absurd and in all honesty, we are not sure of the mixture. Let’s say rather that after their first film, we expected a more radical work, even gore, two elements that are missing from this first trailer.

The dangerous shark lands on French screens on August 3, 2022 and for those who would like to see Marina Foïs at the cinema before this date, she will be on the bill of As bestas from July 20, 2022.


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