The visual artist Piko Paseos celebrates Eleanor of Aquitaine with a collage on the steps of the Palace of the Dukes in Poitiers

The visual artist Piko Paseos celebrates Eleanor of Aquitaine with a collage on the steps of the Palace of the Dukes in Poitiers

It is an order from the town hall of Poitiers on the occasion of the celebrations of the 900th anniversary of the birth of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The city has called on the visual artist Piko Paseos whose collages brighten up many walls in the city of Poitou. A pride for the 34-year-old artist.

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His silhouettes stuck on facades, sections of wall or street furniture, do not go unnoticed in the city center of Poitiers. It is the favorite playground of local photographer and visual artist Piko Paseos who surprises passers-by with his wild collages. “In the beginning it started with mailboxes. I would put people on the mailboxes and photograph them, then I would do the full scale print and stick it in the same place. And the more it goes, the more I look at the walls, the small details that there may be and how to play with them to incorporate my photos and stick them on top“, explains Piko Paseos.


Appreciated by many inhabitants, by traders who ask him to dress their facade with his works, his work also seems to have caught the eye of the town hall, which offered him to create a monumental collage in homage to Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France then of England, mother of Richard Cœur de Lyon and emblematic figure of Poitiers, whose 900th birthday is being celebrated this summer.

The place: the steps of the Palais des Counts of Poitou and Dukes of Aquitaine, jewels of medieval architecture, which later became a courthouse. In close collaboration with the architects of the Buildings of France, he imagined a device different from his usual way of working. Here, no glue so as not to damage the monument, but PVC blades, on which the pattern has been printed, glued with Velcro strips.

The image is inspired by a stained glass window representing Eleanor of Aquitaine. The Queen now sits enthroned on the Palace staircase with this motto at her feet: “Keep what is standing. Pick up what is destroyed“. Motto that Aliénor would have transmitted to his son, Richard Coeur de Lion. The collage of Piko Paseos will remain visible until the end of the Heritage Days in September. Note that throughout the summer, a course is offered by the tourist office to discover or rediscover this figure in the history of France.

“Pop-Alienor” from Piko Paseoson the steps of the Palace of the Dukes of Aquitaine in Poitiers until September 21.

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