The trick to leaving the windows clean 3 times longer: without streaks and for less than 10 euro cents

The trick to leaving the windows clean 3 times longer: without streaks and for less than 10 euro cents

Window cleaning is surely the household task that we put off the most when we do our housework. This exercise is not easy especially since even cleaning them, it happens that new traces are produced. That said, it is not the techniques that are lacking to properly clean the windows but it is perhaps the essential accessory. No more need for rags, microfiber towels and squeegees, this everyday object will change your life.

Window cleaning will become much easier with this tool that will help you clean your windows.

Newspaper, an object to clean the panes of your windows

window cleaning

Window cleaning – Source: spm

the window cleaning is an extremely tedious task to perform. If only a window cleaner could show up every time you had to clean them, that would be ideal, especially when you have pane windows. It would make your windows shine with its steam cleaner or other cleaning products. Not only that, this household task is surely the most dreaded of all and despite the use of many cleaning products, the windows remain stained with traces. Soft cloth, window squeegee, dishcloth and other microfiber towels…everything goes to make your glass surfaces shine. The maintenance of the windows must be regular especially since the traces on a window are noticed very quickly. But despite numerous cleaning efforts and even microfiber cloths with window cleaner, the latter always remain tinged with dirt. To clean your windows and stay spotless, you have to use a certain method and technique. With this everyday object, no more stubborn stains on all the glass surfaces of your home. Newspaper would be the solution to make washing your windows easier. If you usually buy the newspaper to read the news, it could also be useful for cleaning your windows and leaving them streak-free. Newspaper can be used to clean all types of glass surfaces such as mirrors, windows or bay windows. It will easily remove traces visible even in the sun. In addition, this technique allows you to recycle your newspaper rather than throwing it away.

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Clean your windows with newspaper – Source: spm

This very economical trick can do wonders while protecting your health. Not only will you be able to clean your windows more easily, but you will take care of yourself by using a natural product. Indeed, the use of chemicals can have a negative impact on your environment. Industrial products release toxic substances that we absorb without realizing it. To make your newspaper a cleaning ally, simply combine it with white vinegar. First, mix hot water with white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray your windows with this homemade product.

clean glass newspaper

Cleaning the glass with newspaper – Source: spm

Crumple a few pages of your newspaper and rub them on your windows in circular motions until the traces disappear. Repeat the operation, making sure that the traces have disappeared and that the liquid has been absorbed by the newspaper. You can also test this method on the outside of your windows by rubbing the newspaper up and down. Journal can be used on all glass surfaces in your home like mirrors and leave them without a trace.

Some mistakes to avoid when cleaning windows

shine the windows

Polish the windows – Source: spm

You have started cleaning your windows with the newsprint trick, but you have to remember that there are a few basic rules to follow to obtain an impeccable result. This seems logical but it is important to underline it. You don’t have to clean your windows when it rains because your cleaning will be useless. Also, when the sun shines brightly, it accelerates the drying of your products on your windows and therefore will leave traces. It is best to choose cloudy weather to clean your windows. Then, always start by cleaning the inside of your windows. If you start on the outside and smudges remain, you won’t know if they’re on the inside or the outside and you risk always rubbing in the wrong places. This is why you must start by cleaning the windows from the inside with a cleaning product and then finish on the outside where you will see all the dirt. With this technique, you will have brilliant windows.

Washing windows is not always easy. These tips will allow you to do a complete cleaning of your windows without complicating your task. Newsprint is also very practical because unlike rags, it does not leave lint on the windows. Its very dense material makes it a very effective streak-free window cleaning tool.

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