The top 5 most unusual museums in the world - Ouest-France evening edition - 06/13/2022

The top 5 most unusual museums in the world – Ouest-France evening edition – 06/13/2022

By the evening edition

Want to visit museums that are out of the ordinary? We take you to Mexico, the Netherlands, India, Iceland and Japan, discover underwater works or exhibitions dedicated to instant noodles… Here is our top 5 unusual museums in the world.

When we think of the word “museum”, we immediately think of art, history or science. Almost everywhere in the world are hidden unusual museums that are worth a visit. Quirky but serious, here are five of these museums that offer unique collections!

1. Underwater Museum in Mexico

Created in 2009, the Museum of Underwater Arts in Cancún, on the Atlantic coast of Mexico (Museo Subacuatico de Arte, also called Musa), is made up of more than 400 sculptures submerged at a depth of 6 meters, to be discovered with a mask and snorkel, snorkeling or scuba diving. Made by the English artist Jason de Caires Taylor, these sunken works are artificial reefs gradually colonized by marine life, especially corals.

One can observe unusual sculptures. (Photo:

2. Toilet Museum India

Located in New Delhi, the capital of India, the International Toilet Museum (Sulabh International Museum of Toilets) has a vast collection of toilets enthroned like works of art. This museum revisits the whole history of hygiene, with all the models of toilets existing in the world, testimonials, archives, etc.

The Toilet Museum in New Delhi, India. (Photo:

3. Hashish Museum in the Netherlands (and Spain)

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is known for its coffee shops, where it is legal to consume cannabis. For those who would like to learn more about this herb, the Hashish Museum (Hash Museum) offers an interesting collection around the subject, which is not only reserved for marijuana smokers… The museum is also located in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

4. Instant Noodle Museum in Japan

Located in Osaka, Japan, the museum presents a wide range of instant noodles. Walking through its halls, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the process of making this popular Japanese dish, from the types of noodles used to how the broth is prepared. Cooking workshops and tasting sessions are also organised.

The Instant Noodle Museum in Japan. (Photo:

5. Phallus Museum in Iceland

The National Museum of Phalluses is original to say the least, since it brings together the genitals of all the male mammals of Iceland. This museum is located in Reykjavik, the capital, and devotes a cult to phallology, a young science that studies phalluses in depth in a systematic and scientific way. Among the specimens presented, the penis of a hamster measuring 2 millimeters, or that of a sperm whale measuring 1.70 meters long and weighing more than 70 kg.

The Phallus Museum in Iceland is one of a kind. (Photo:

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