The talents and creativity of Disney in the spotlight at the Annecy festival

The talents and creativity of Disney in the spotlight at the Annecy festival

The studios disney were back at Annecy for the first time since 2019. The opportunity for Mickey’s firm to take stock of its three most recent projects presented on the channel Disney+ and for its director Jennifer Lee to receive a Cristal d’honneur from the festival’s artistic director, Marcel Jean.

The first images of two series and the feature film, Avalonia, The Strange Journey, prove that the studio is in great shape from a creativity point of view. “Since its creation, Disney has been able to find and bring together minds full of ideas, explains Roy Conli, producer of the film, to 20 minutes. I am unable to explain why or how but it surprises me every time. »

On small and large screens

On stage, Jennifer Lee made the same observation, declaring that she wanted to promote collective creation and the celebration of Disney heritage while looking to the future. The co-director of Snow Queen took the lead with the firm intention of fostering diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

Among the pleasures to come, the series Baymax!whose first episode was highly acclaimed, features the robot nurse and bounced of the New heroes. “This is the first time the studio has embarked on a series inspired by its characters,” said Roy Conli, who is also a producer. We hope to develop what made them popular with the public. Baymax, still cute, finds an ideal accomplice with the cat Mochi, plump ball of hair. The series will be available on June 29 on Disney+

We will have to wait until November 9 to see the series Zootopia +derived from Oscar-winning film. The short film proposed as an appetizer for the whole set off a storm of laughter. This parody of Godfather, dubbed Godfather of the Bride, brilliantly parodies Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece by starring mafia rodent Mister Big and his family. Tigresses and lazy are announced for the rest of the program.

As for Avalonia, The Strange Journey, a fantastic adventure film for which Roy Conli declares that the directors were freely inspired by Jules Verne, the sequences offered in preview are simply sumptuous. The Disney studios are always at the forefront of animation and it’s not over: the presentation of the Disney Art Challenge prize, rewarding young artists, demonstrates that the next generation will be assured for the coming years. The latter have created their work thinking of Buzz Lightningthe new Pixar also presented in Annecy and available in theaters on June 22.

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