Stranger Things saison 4

The Russo brothers recruit a very popular actress!

The Russo brothers are already preparing their next film, and they are recruiting heavyweights for the occasion. The directors call on a flagship actress from Netflix.

Netflix continues to bet on the Russo brothers. After Tyler Rake, written by Joe Russo, the platform will produce the duo’s new film. Still very mysterious, the project is nevertheless talking about him this week. According Deadline, a very popular actress has been recruited. The red N did not fetch very far since it is Millie Bobby Brown, who became famous for her performance in Stranger Things.

Here, she should play a teenager in a futuristic universe. The screenplay, written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, is adapted from a short story by Simon Stålenhag. This Swedish artist had notably inspired the excellent series Tales from the Loop at Amazon Prime Video.

We will find her melancholy universe as we explore the destiny of an orphan embodied by Bobby Brown. On the roads of Western America, the young girl will go in search of her missing little brother. She will be accompanied by an adorable little robot.

For the moment, we do not know who will give him the replica. A few names circulate nevertheless, starting with that of Chris Pratt. The two directors seem to still have very strong links with the actors of the MCU, the arrival of the one who camps Star Lord is therefore not so surprising.

However, we will probably have to wait a little to find out more. For the time being, the two directors are concentrating on the upcoming release of their film called The Gray Man.

A fruitful collaboration

Netflix understood that its stable had to include many popular filmmakers. To impose itself in the face of increasingly tough competition, the giant is forging quite prestigious partnerships. It is within the framework of an agreement concluded with the firm of Reed Hasting and the duo of directors that were born the various projects like The Gray Man.

This is next July 22, it will be possible to discover the film with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. The story will follow a former CIA mercenary, who unwittingly discovers one of the organization’s biggest secrets. With hitmen on the trail, he will face a devious antagonist camped by Chris Evans. Ana de Armas will also be on the trip.

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