The prodigious Kim Jung Gi passed away at the age of 47 |

The prodigious Kim Jung Gi passed away at the age of 47 |

Update 05/10/22 : added the official statement at the bottom of the article.

A year definitely hits the artistic world with all possible forces – to the point of initiating a good big start of depression in advance of the month of November, due to obituaries. After a series of catastrophic departures, where the names of giants such as George Perez, Tim Sale, Alan Grant, Lily Renee Where Tom Palmerit is another colossus of sequential arts and illustration in general who is leaving us, very prematurely.

Another awful start to 2022

According to the information communicated to us two days ago, and subsequently made public, the designer Kim Jung Gi died at the far too early age of 47, following a heart attack. The artist was precisely in the middle of a French tour, was entitled to his exhibition at the Maghen Gallery with the support of the editions Caurette, a highlight still accessible until Friday, October 8. He had also just completed a (superb) fresco Batman only a few days ago, and had been announced in the attendees of the annual edition of the fair New York Comic-Con which will be held this week on the other side of the Atlantic. Nothing surprising for this great regular at public demonstrations, known for his speed in composing characters, structures and decorative elements without any preparation or draft.

South Korean artist who entered the Beaux-Arts at the age of 19, Kim Jung Gi is the author of several comics in his native country. He quickly became a celebrity in the comic world for his dense compositions, often transformed into variant covers to be assembled. Capable of drawing huge frescoes with his bare hands and at breakneck speed, he had indeed made a specialty of live drawings, author of superb compositions performed live under the eyes of a generally amazed audience. His ability to memorize and reproduce crowds of characters, creatures and other buildings without help has helped forge a legend: that of a draftsman considered one of the most impressive in the world, credited in the Guinness Book records for the longest drawing by volume.

An immense talent that leaves us, leaving family, loved ones, collaborators, collaborators and millions of fans in amazement and sadness. All our thoughts are with his loved ones or his admirers, wherever they are around the world.

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