The pop art superheroes of Greg Guillemin, alias "Léon", invest the castle of Val in Corrèze

The pop art superheroes of Greg Guillemin, alias “Léon”, invest the castle of Val in Corrèze



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Nourished by pop culture and geek universe, Greg Guillemin alias “Léon” diverts the heroes to immerse them in daily and contemporary life. About sixty of his works are exhibited at the Château de Val, in Bort-les-Orgues in Corrèze, until October 30.

Snow White with a cigarette in her hand, Batman with his rubber duck or Spider-Man enjoying a hamburger: these images in pop colors are signed Greg Guillemin, aka Leon. An artist nourished by pop culture – from Marvel to Andy Warhol – and geek universe (video games, science fiction), who hijacks the superheroes of our childhood with humor and audacity. Léon sifts through all the characters from comic books, video games or science fiction adventures. He immerses them in everyday life to make them more human.

Imagined from Photoshop and Illustrator, his first creations date from 2010. His series styling exercises and Paper Heroes hit the mark right away and his first exhibitions met with dazzling success, both in Europe and the United States. Many magazines and brands snap up his illustrations. In 2013, the artist experimented with acrylic, without abandoning digital.

It’s in 2015 with his series The private lives of heroes that he will make a name and notoriety for himself. In the series Pop Icons and pop-mix, the artist continues to scratch his sacred heroes, always with humor but sometimes critically. The diversion then settles at the heart of his work, which has become much more technical. The details are mastered, the varnished finishes.

After comic book heroes, Léon is now tackling large paintings, such as Lunch on the Grass by Edourad Manet and other famous painters like Van Gogh.

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