The Midnight Club: Netflix releases a trailer and a release date for Mike Flanagan's new series - Mirror Online

The Midnight Club: Netflix releases a trailer and a release date for Mike Flanagan’s new series – Mirror Online

On the occasion of Geeked Week, Netflix revealed information on many of its flagship series. Internet users were thus able to discover behind the scenes of the One Piece live action series adaptation plus exclusive footage from The Sandman, the series inspired by Alan Moore’s graphic novels.

But even after this festival of novelties, Internet users were not at the end of their surprises. Netflix still had enough to impress with a first trailer for The Midnight Clubthe new horror series from Mike Flanagan.

Mike Flanagan returns with a new Netflix series

As a reminder, Mike Flanagan is the creator of the supernatural series The Haunting of Hill House which terrorized Internet users in 2018. With The Midnight Club, this genius director is therefore back on the front of the stage with a new series that promises to fuel many nightmares!

During Geeked Week, Internet users were therefore able to lay their eyes on the first images of what is already shaping up to be an anthology series for the streaming platform. In the program : a gothic mansion, secret meetings at midnight and spirits returned from the beyond in a 90s atmosphere. A Netflix series that smells of horror teen movies and is reminiscent of Riverdale or Stranger Things!

Horror meets with The Midnight Club

In the cast, there are many charismatic young actors and actresses, mostly unknown to the battalion but who are already bursting the screen in the enigmatic trailer. Punctuated by the ringing of a retro digital watch, the latter sets the framework for the series. Like The Haunting of Hill House before it, The Midnight Club is an adaptation of a horror novel: the story, written by Christopher Pike in 1994, focuses on a group of 7 teenagers, residents of a hospice caring for terminally ill patients.

Together they form the Midnight Club: a group that meets every night when midnight strikes to tell scary stories. However, events take an unexpected turn when supernatural phenomena occur following the death of one of the Midnight Club members.

When will The Midnight Club be available on Netflix?

The Midnight Club promises to quickly forge a place of choice in the Netflix catalog. Alongside Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Stranger Things, The Midnight Club could quickly become one of Netflix’s flagship supernatural series. The first look, unveiled in its trailer, promises a less psychological horror-focused production than The Haunting of Hill House. Nevertheless, we find the quality of Netflix productions with an ever more beautiful image.

To go along with the trailer, Netflix has therefore unveiled a release date for its new series. See you on October 7, 2022 to take part in the first meetings of The Midnight Club! As usual, Netflix will make available the entire 10 episodes of the series from 09:01. And this time, no need to bring a vpn to watch the series in certain regions of the globe: the streaming platform has chosen to broadcast it in all countries of the world, without geographical restrictions!

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